Monthly Archives: December 2018

10 Tips For Creating Extraordinary Packaging Designs

Every year, HOW’s International Design Awards features some particularly extraordinary designs. In 2014, there were many inspirational packaging designs from around the world. As designers begin to evolve their designs, trends begin to change and packaging designs are modernized to accommodate […]

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Top 20 Design Contributors From All Over The World

  Designers come in all shapes and sizes. We wanted to show our appreciation for the creative minds of this world by featuring some of our top 20 favourite design contributors. We’re sure you’ll enjoy their works as much as […]

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10 Easy Steps To Become A Stress-Free Designer

Designer or not, everyone might succumb under the pressure of work. The load keeps on piling, deadlines approaching at alarming rates and the list goes on. However, we all can think of ways to organise ourselves so that the stress […]

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