25 Design Trends To Look Out For In 2016

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Year 2016 is a year of new, innovative and daring design trends – especially in the field of web design. So, we have narrowed down for you the top 25 most anticipated design trends this year.

  1. Flat Designs


If you thought flat designs were boring, think again. This year is all about minimalistic designs, and the best way to present these designs is through flat and 2D designs. Among the characteristics are:

  • 2D designs without gradients, dropped shadows, textures and other effects
  • Minimal objects
  • Bolder and more vivid colors
  1. Color Combinations


Designers have become more intelligent with their use of color combinations. They have finally realized the importance of this development as color combinations bring about a more delightful feel to websites as well as influence bright ideas.

  1. Video Design


We are all visual people and we love moving objects. It is ultimately more engaging to watch a video rather than look at a still image. For example, having huge video formats on every landing page of your website. This attracts people to stay on your landing pages longer, which then increases your viewing rates. Another reason people are leaning towards the video trend is because it is easy to understand especially with minimal text.

  1. Problem-Solving Layouts


Clients like simplified layouts and they are not always impressed by overly creative designs. This design trend assists clients with problems they may need solving such as website problems. It also helps deliver a better user experience to site visitors. Some may even attribute the site as being simplistic, easy to understand and beautiful.

  1. Material Design


This design trend is used by major websites such as Google, Google Maps, YouTube and many others. The characteristics of material design includes:

  • Minimal design
  • Light drop shadows
  • Padding
  • More vivid colors,
  • Grid-based layout
  • Receptive animation
  • Immediate transition designs

The most prominent characteristic of material design is the use of classic designs and transforming them into innovative ones with the use of science and technology elements.

  1. Full-Screen Adaptation


In previous years, you could only consume one fourth of the page when filling up a form. Now, you can see a full screen display for this type of action. After clicking on buttons such as “Log In” or “Subscribe”, you are able to see a full screen page of the information you wanted. This design layout is also popular for contact forms and “About” pages.

  1. Rich Animations


As mentioned previously, simple designs are favored over complex designs. In addition to that, websites are also more enriched with animations. The animations do not need to be complicated, but simple and executed cleverly.

  1. Functionality


Website users and visitors are attracted by websites that can answer their questions and have easy-to-understand functionalities. They do not really put too much consideration into the innovative designs. Although it is important to have an attractive website, users actually value the functionality more.

  1. Designing in the Browser


Website designers today are actually able to design only in the browser. Among the benefits of this trend include:

  • Cuts development time
  • Designers can see the limitations and reactions of the actual browser
  • Appears more natural
  1. Card-Style Interfaces


Another characteristic of material designs is the use of card-style interfaces in website design. This trend is expected to take a stand this year because cards break the monotony of websites and they are more engaging than plain designs. Among their advantages include:

  • They can be used across platforms
  • They can reuse the main design of the website
  • They work flawlessly across all devices
  • They break the heavy content on the site
  • They can be stimulating to website visitors
  1. Single Page Designs


This design benefits impatient users who want instant content on their web page. Many websites are already utilizing this design trend and it is expected to continue in 2016. Among its benefits include:

  • Eliminates clutter online
  • Content is easier to locate
  • Minimal design
  • Simplified content
  1. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)


This design simplifies content on the website. Scalable graphics are more interactive and smaller in size than what we are used to. Google is the perfect example of SVG.

  1. Small Animations


Animation has always been a huge part in web design since its inception. Today, they appear smaller and simpler to better cater to the needs of its users. Smaller animations are easier to understand and more engaging for users. They also load faster on web pages.

  1. Interactive Websites


Aside from animations, users like interactive website designs. This can be achieved through:

  • Applications on mobile platforms
  • Interactive designs/animations on websites
  1. Responsive Frameworks


Another popular design today is the use of responsive frameworks and designs. This also appeals to users who really like interactivity on websites.

  1. Touch-Enabled Website Designs


Another addition to the interactive trend is the touch-enabled design. With the use of touch screens on tablets and smartphones, designers need to address the need for specialized designs using these devices. Apps nowadays are also designed with added touch-enabled features. This makes the apps more current and engaging for users.

  1. Minimalistic Typography


Among the trends to look out for in 2016 is the use of minimal typesets. While dramatic and complex typesets have stronger impact, calligraphy and other artistic, minimalistic fonts are very in trend today. This is because these fonts deliver a more personal feeling for the users.

  1. Animations & Background Videos


Separately, animation and videos already create a huge impact in design; what more with the combination of both? This enhances the design and contents of the page. It makes it ten times more appealing to users and website visitors.

However, designers should consider the following when using animation and background videos on their websites:

  • The coherence of the video to the content
  • The seamless transition of the video per frame on the page
  • The size of the video and how it affects the loading time of the website
  1. Hovering Techniques & Animations


There are websites that make use of hovering animations. It is the animation that displays whenever you hover your cursor or pointer over the screen.

  1. Scrolling Techniques & Design


This applies for single paged websites that use long scrolling navigation. This is an effective design that allows you to tell stories to your users on one page only. Scrolling is also user-friendly on mobile platforms.

  1. Motion & Animations


Other trends to look out for this year in the field of design are animation and motion designs. This is a very effective trend as it draws human attention since human eyes are naturally engaged on moving objects.

  1. Two Toned Color Schemes


The use of duotone and complementary colors are also a very important trend to look out for this year. They make a stronger impact on viewers than just plain, monotone colors.

  1. Functionality & Simplicity


Functional and minimal designs are also among the most sought-out design trends today. These trends are characterized by the absence of elements that can distract viewers from the central or focal content of the page. The designs most favored are usually attributed to elegance and simplicity.

  1. Contained Designs


Another trend to look forward to in 2016 is the use of patterned and contained designs. They are usually presented in grid forms that make them appear more contained.

  1. Increase in Interactive Designs

25Interactivity allows the viewers to immerse in the site’s contents. Among the characteristics of interactive designs include:

  • Card UI patterns
  • Mini-interactions that add to user’s experience
  • Scrolling rather than clicking
  • Swiping
  • Animation and motion videos
  • Smoother transitions


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