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Digital marketing in the holiday season

Successful digital marketing during holiday seasons

  For influencers, business owners and marketers alike, the Social Media Marketing Calendar is an excellent tool to leverage upon holidays or important dates for cohesive marketing campaigns. Successful digital marketing during holiday seasons have been proven to heighten brand awareness, […]

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Meeting the minimum contrast requirement

  Why is contrast important? There is a growing demand for designers to make their interfaces accessible to all users. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is a set of principles used as the standard for determining accessible color contrast. […]

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Freebie presentation templates Graphicmaker

Freebie Alert! Free Business Presentation Templates

Got a big business presentation coming up? Present your investor updates, marketing plan, or product pitch in style with our business presentation templates. This freebie set comes with 3 uniquely-designed presentation slides using graphics from our very own Graphicmaker.  Click ‘Download now’ to […]

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The Importance of Font Pairing & How To Get Good At It!

Colors and content are the focal point of a design. These elements  illicit interest and keep viewers hooked. However, oftentimes while we invest in these factors, elements like fonts and its pairing with the design become an afterthought.  But, fonts  […]

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Small Business Survival 101: Pandemics and Recessions

  Time and time again, we’ve heard about the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses. According to a Goldman Sachs survey of over 1,500 small businesses, over 96% say they’ve already felt the impacts.  The remaining months […]

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