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A Handy Guide to Color Theory

Color plays a vital role in communicating with your consumer base. Its power in brand perception, brand recognition, and purchase motivation is virtually unmatched by all other visual components. According to a study conducted, 80% of all information retained by consumers from visual media is related to color.  Brands use specific colors to evoke strong

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Is Agency-As-A-Service the newly emerging business model?

The current landscape of agencies today  Global agencies have always come to dominate their industry after decades of acquiring smaller agencies in a range of specialty disciplines such as creative and branding services, digital, media planning and buying, public relations and market research. We can all agree that the current disruption in the market has

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Logomaker – FAQ

Resources / Product 1. What is Logomaker?  Logomaker allows users to generate A.I. powered, personalized logos and branding kits.   Tool Usage  1. How do I make a logo with’s Logomaker? Our Logomaker works by analyzing the information you have entered such as the name, industry and color preferences.   This tool takes your

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Mockupmaker – FAQ

Resources / Product 1. What is Mockupmaker? Mockupmaker is an all-in-one platform that helps you upload an image to the available templates to create a mockup – in minutes.   Tool Usage 1. How to create a mockup? To create a mockup, select the category of mockups you want to use from the side menu bar.

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Videomaker – FAQ

Resources / Product  1. What is Videomaker? Videomaker is an easy-to-use software that transforms your script into a seamlessly edited video. It utilizes a library of millions of clips, audios, and animations to help you create compelling stories. 2. Why should I use Videomaker? • Easy-to-use A.I. text-to-video tool. • Include animations, filters and transitions •

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About us 1. What is is a creative platform that empowers everyone to create professional designs quickly and easily. Give our Logomaker, Videomaker, Mockupmaker, Font Hunt, Color Pairer and Social Media Generator a try right now. 2. What do I get for’s unlimited subscription package? You will get unlimited access to all types

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