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8 Side Skills To Learn While In Quarantine

  Lives have changed drastically over the past couple of months. The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has  bounded us in our homes with grocery store run-ins feeling like a luxury. With external stimuli like the outdoors, gym, malls out of […]

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10 Best Things About Logomaker

  The logo is the face of the brand, it is an asset to brands, instigating reactions and recall. Brands put great emphasis on finding the right logo, which begins with the conceptualization, incorporation of color therapy and eventually moving […]

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Pixlr X: Do We Like It?

Let’s get real here: photo editing is both a science and an art. Making your photos a touch warmer or cooler does make a difference because things like color and photo effects have a big impact on the viewer. Research carried […]

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Introducing the New All-in-One Marketing Tool is an online platform powered by artificial intelligence.  As a pioneer in the field, it is built with the mission to empower imagination through cutting edge technology, making design smarter, faster and easier. Hosting all of their design tools […]

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Is Agency-As-A-Service the newly emerging business model?

The current landscape of agencies today  Global agencies have always come to dominate their industry after decades of acquiring smaller agencies in a range of specialty disciplines such as creative and branding services, digital, media planning and buying, public relations […]

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