Onboarding with AI Chat: Maximizing its Potential for Different User Segments

AI Chat interface showcasing various AI chat options like ChatGPT 4.0, Claude 3 Opus, LLaMA 70B, and Mistral 8x7B, representing advanced AI communication tools.

Designs.ai has introduced a powerful new feature: AI Chat. This all-in-one generative AI tool is designed to cater to various user needs, including marketers, educators, creative writers, social media specialists, and researchers. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the onboarding process and show you how to enhance your workflow with AI Chat for your specific needs.

Getting Started with AI Chat

Step 1: Access AI Chat

Visit the Designs.ai website and log in or sign up for an account. Navigate to the AI Chat feature from the dashboard.

Step 2: Choose Your AI Model

Type in your task and select the appropriate LLM model based on your task:

  • ChatGPT-4o: Best for conversational and creative tasks.
  • Claude 3 Opus: Ideal for enterprise tasks and data analysis.
  • LLaMA 70B: Suitable for specialized applications in technical sectors.
  • Mistral 8X7B: Perfect for long-form content generation.

Multiple LLM models in one place with AI Chat


Close-up of a person's hands typing on a laptop, with a notebook in the background, representing productivity and digital work.

Generate Engaging Content:

  • Use ChatGPT-4o to create engaging social media posts, ad copy, and email newsletters.
  • Claude 3 Opus can help analyze market trends and generate comprehensive marketing reports.
  • Use AI Chat to generate SEO-optimized blog posts and articles.


Two young women focused on working together on a laptop, representing collaboration and productivity in a modern digital environment.
  • Use Mistral 8X7B to create detailed lesson plans, instructional guides, and research papers.
  • ChatGPT-4o can help generate interactive quizzes and learning modules.
  • Use Claude 3 Opus to create personalized feedback for students and craft engaging educational content.

Creative Writers

Close-up of a person typing on a laptop keyboard, highlighting focused and productive work.
  • ChatGPT-4o is perfect for brainstorming story ideas, character development, and plot outlines. It can also help generate creative writing prompts and dialogue.
  • Use AI Chat to proofread and enhance your drafts, ensuring high-quality content.
  • Get instant inspiration and suggestions to overcome creative hurdles with AI Chat.

Social Media Specialists

Person using a smartphone and laptop at a desk with a coffee cup, representing multitasking and productivity in a modern workspace.
  • Use ChatGPT-4o to generate catchy and engaging social media content.
  • Claude 3 Opus can help you analyze social media metrics and optimize your strategy.
  • Use AI Chat to generate personalized responses to follower comments and messages.


Person in a yellow sweater typing on a laptop, representing casual and productive work environment to Enhance Workflow with AI Chat.
  • Mistral 8X7B is ideal for generating detailed research papers, reports, and literature reviews.
  • LLaMA 70B can assist in data analysis and interpretation.
  • Use AI Chat to summarize large volumes of data and highlight key findings.

Get the most out of AI Chat to Enhance Workflow with AI Chat

AI Chat is a powerful tool that leverages the capabilities of various advanced LLM models. Designed to enhance your productivity and creativity.

TIP #1TIP #2TIP #3TIP #4
Understand the LLM ModelsCompare OutputsUnified Chat HistoryLanguage Support
Familiarize yourself, and you’ll quickly find the right LLM model and prompt for the job.Regularly compare outputs from various models. Find the most accurate and suitable solutions for your task.Keep track of all your conversations with different LLMs in one single platform.Work seamlessly in your preferred language. AI Chat supports over 80 languages.

Designs.ai’s AI Chat is a versatile tool that can significantly enhance productivity and creativity across various sectors. By following this onboarding guide and leveraging the specific features tailored to your needs, you can maximize the potential of AI Chat and achieve your goals efficiently.

Ready to transform your workflow with AI Chat? Try AI Chat now!