10 Tips For Creating Extraordinary Packaging Designs

Every year, HOW’s International Design Awards features some particularly extraordinary designs. In 2014, there were many inspirational packaging designs from around the world. As designers begin to evolve their designs, trends begin to change and packaging designs are modernized to accommodate those changing trends. That is why we have come up with 10 tips for creating extraordinary packaging designs to keep up with today’s trends.

10 tips for packaging-01


  1. Consider the full packaging range before designing
    10 tips for packaging-02Uniformity brings about a certain standard.  Same goes for packaging design. Consider the entire range for a brand you’re about to package. That way, your design will be synchronized throughout and branding is established.
  2. Turn your packaging into a walking ad
    10 tips for packaging-03Packaging does not always have to be complicated. With a simple label or icon design plastered onto a neat packaging, you can easily turn your packaging design into a walking ad. Take a shopping bag with a logo for example; it’s free advertising and simple packaging at the same time!
  3. Research the branding and position of the brand
    10 tips for packaging-04You can never be too prepared. A thorough research of a brand’s position ensures a clear understanding of how you want your packaging to look like. You also minus the risk of repetitive design.
  4. Make sure your brand stands for something
    10 tips for packaging-05A design should not be done just for the sake of doing it. In order for a packaging design to resonate with customers and have them want to interact with it, a design must translate the meaning of a brand. So, the brand you’re designing for must stand for something.
  5. Consider consumers’ needs and wants
    10 tips for packaging-06When designing something, you must always think of the consumer. They are your target audience after all. A consumer’s needs and wants should be one of the first things you consider before starting your design.
  6. Create timeless designs
    10 tips for packaging-07Design trends are ever-changing. It may seem like an impossible task to come up with timeless designs that can work for any generation and point in time but it is possible. Designs that transcend time include black and white, typography and floral. An example of a popular design that never went out of trend is the poloroid camera. It was first introduced in 1977 and is still used today albeit a little more modernized tech-wise.
  7. Ensure designs are not only attractive, but functional
    10 tips for packaging-08Designs can’t just be pretty, it must be usable too. Packaging designs especially put importance on its functionality. Just imagine a packaging design that’s supposed to carry a drink. If it’s functionality is not fully considered, you run the risk of the drink spilling or possibly being inconvenient for its consumer.
  8. Grab the consumer’s attention through stand-out designs
    10 tips for packaging-09Attractiveness of the design and its functionality go hand-in-hand. While the design can’t be attractive without reasonable functionality, a design also can’t be functional without attractiveness. While packaging designs are often resued over and over again, minor changes can still be made in order to stand out from other packaging designs. Do not just follow the norm because it’s easy.
  9. See packaging as an investment
    10 tips for packaging-10Packaging is an investment. When a consumer buys a brand, the first thing they see and experience is the packaging design, not the actual product. So invest your time and creativity into your packaging design. It will be worth it when sales skyrocket for your brand.
  10. Enhance the user experience
    10 tips for packaging-11Looking at the latest and most trendy packaging designs, they are no longer just designs anymore. Think of it this way: Design something where when the product is used finish, the consumer would still keep the packaging design because that’s how good it is. The user experience is crucial. If they receive faulty and unappealing packaging, it puts a bad impression on the brand; and we don’t want that now, do we?


Here are some trending design packages at the moment:


Simple Labels


by yougun


by nyarinama



by yougun


by dannyaldana

Natural Color Palettes


by jaz


by devidev

Black & White (Masculine)


by tam


by effrenky

Pattern (Feminine)


by masbayas


by erlx

Find more diverse packaging designs here:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.27.32 PM