Top 20 Design Contributors From All Over The World


Designers come in all shapes and sizes. We wanted to show our appreciation for the creative minds of this world by featuring some of our top 20 favorite design contributors. We’re sure you’ll enjoy their works as much as we do.

Adrianna Napiorkowski (Hamburg, Germany)

She is a graphic designer who also does illustrations as well as print designs. She is also known as a typographer. One of her famous artworks is the Self Promotion Pack. It is an impressive piece of art that helps promote one’s self in one of the most imaginative ways possible.74cab816666659.562af9eda541a

Kenny Barela (Los Angelas, California)

He is an integrated creative professional with over thirteen years of industry experience. His project, infographic resume design in a tube brought his personality to life as well as won him the Best of Show winner in the 2010 HOW Promotion Design Awards.

Vidar Olufsen (Drammen, Norway)

He is a freelance graphic designer that created the “Top Secret” Resume & Job Application. This was his attempt at showcasing his variety of skills as a designer by coming up with his own self-promotion project. He definitely succeeded in gaining the attention of local designers with his creative idea.

Lenka Kubisova (Bratislava, Slovakia)

She is a graphic designer also known as littleCube. She usually designs for branding purposes as well as print design. She is known for her resume and business card designs as they are unique and serve their purpose well.

Noemi Bugli (Rimini, Italy)

She makes coming up with a creative resume look easy. Her Follow the Red Line: Brochure CV is done effortlessly to entice viewers to look exactly where she wants them to look. By following the red line, future employers can easily understand the flow of her resume and get a clear inkling of her design skills.


Jack Harvatt (Bristol, United Kingdom)

He is a graphic and type designer that specializes in fonts. One of his more popular fonts is the Coves font. The font comes with two weights and was inspired by the designer’s place of study, Falmouth.

Side B (Cape Town, South Africa)

Side B is known for their branding capabilities. It recognizes Starbucks as a brand to be reckoned with, so they created a visual journey for Starbucks coffee for a better user experience.

Leo Natsume (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

As a designer for Grupo RBS, his design focus is on illustration and art direction. He has a great sense of color and just seems to understand the beauty of animation. One of his most recent art works are the Disney Toy Story icons.

Vivien Bertin (Paris, France)

He is a graphic designer and illustrator that is fascinated by images. His work is often characterized by the presence of the drawing halfway between illustration and graphic design. He is famous for his calligraphy and typography designs. Just take a look at his Lettering Logos Collection N°5.

Paulus Kristanto (Surubaya, Indonesia)

With a passion for design, photography, branding, layout, digital art and fashion, he has conducted many projects. Many of his projects’ main focus is to make and build brand logo, visual identities, print design, packaging design, photography, digital art overseas and local clients. He also took part in the Take 10 Challenge by Adobe Stock and submitted his artwork titled, “IMPULSIVE”.b0649234326207.56cca25a0263e

Samuel Profeta (São Paulo, Brazil)

He is a freelance designer focused on brand management, building corporate identity and packaging design. He is known for his love of colour. He was tasked to create an unconventional resume in an innovative platform, thus the birth of Currículo Criativo.

Amber Van Mieghem (Beveren, Belgium)

As a young, passionate and driven graphic designer, she is always looking for new opportunities to share her creative ideas with the world. In order to show off her personality, she created a folded resume that showcases her style as well as all her valuable skills.

Maria Grønlund (Lystrup, Denmark)

Specializing in logos and branding, she is an independent graphic designer that uses vibrant colours to stir the senses. Much of her work has an abstract, dream-like quality to it. Just take her “I Speak Fluid Colors” project.

Ruslan Khasanov (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

He is a Russian-born designer that specializes in graphic design, typography and illustration. Sometimes, his creativity even leads him to mix all three elements of design together. His latest work, “Warm Up” is really a sight for sore eyes.

Federico Landini (Florence, Italy)

He is a freelance brand designer that has already done many impressive design projects. One of his most notorious work is the stunning corporate identity for whitescape, which was used across all mediums.

Yurko Gutsulyak (Kyiv, Ukraine)

He has been working in the design industry for over a decade now. Due to his success, he founded his own graphic design studio. When asked to design a limited edition of Velkopopovicky Kozel beer, he came up with a design that reflected the ancient traditions as well as the mastership of the Czech brewers.

Rob Pratt (Shoreditch, London)

Currently working as a design director for Brand & Deliver, his portfolio is a brilliant mixture of letterpress business cards, web design and leaflets and brochures. Just take a look at these business cards he made for The Jungle Group.

Siang Ching (Singapore)

After hearing about countless male designers, it is refreshing to see a female design that has an interest in patterns and handmade aspects of graphic design. Now she is a full-fledged graphics designer and illustrator.graphicdesigni

Nicki Van Roon (Aarhus, Denmark)

While still studying he managed to create an awesome CD packaging design. He has also experimented with bottle design, typefaces and corporate identities.


We are inspired daily by the countless graphic designers we stumble upon. If you are a freelance graphic designer, we would love to feature your designs on our website,

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An aspiring writer who is curious about design and is gaining and sharing more knowledge by the day.

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