10 Easy Steps To Become A Stress-Free Designer


Designer or not, everyone might succumb under the pressure of work. The load keeps on piling, deadlines approaching at alarming rates and the list goes on. However, we all can think of ways to organise ourselves so that the stress doesn’t get to us.
Here’s a few that might help you:

1. Quality over quantity
As a designer, people will always tend to judge you by the quality of your work. Take the amount you can handle so that you don’t do something at the expense of something else, and be prepared to say ‘No’ if the load is too great.

2. Get the amount of money you are worth

Negotiate and know the value of your work. If clients are being adamant, remind them that you put invest a lot of time and effort in your work and that you are dependent on this money. 

3. Time schedules and Deadlines

Respect your timeframe. Start way before your deadlines so that at the last minute you don’t rush your work. If for some unforeseen reasons you are unable to meet the deadlines, do inform your clients. Don’t let them chase you for what they are paying for.

4. Familiarize yourself with fonts & tools

Know your tools so you can make efficient and effective use of them. Have backups and remember to always save your work. You might want to try different versions and templates as well.
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5. Take breaks

Everyone needs breaks. Allow your brain to rest. Maybe getting some fresh air might help with that lack of inspiration?

6. Good relationship with clients

Respect your clients, communicate with them. Accommodate their opinions, needs and expectations. Get them involved in your work by asking for their feedbacks. Explain your skills clearly to them, tell them what you can and can’t do and set expectations beforehand to avoid disputes, sign contracts.
You can try using their time zones to enable prompt responses.

7. Positive Thinking

Believe in your abilities and focus on your work. Do not dwell on failures, learn from them and excel in your job. You can check out this article for more motivation: 10 Motivational Posters For Designers

8. Look after your physical well-being:
There’s no point pushing yourself to your limit. People can cope better when healthy.  Having a poor health only brings down the quality of your work and your productivity.  A proper diet and regular exercises might help you achieve more. Do ensure you have sufficient sleep to avoid fatigue or excess intake of caffeine.

9. Use reminders

If you feel swamped with too many projects, come up with a to-do list and make a scale of preference. Do also use reminders to keep track of what you need to complete and by when. This might also help you stay in the moment and focus on your work, instead of procrastinating.

10. Be determined and follow your passion

Learn to enjoy your work and be determined to do well in everything you do. Becoming more mindful is done step-by-step.  You will face challenges, but be confident in your work.

In whatever you do, if you adopt the right attitude and stay organised, you can reach beyond your goal. Everyone has their own working styles but I hope these ten points  help you.

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