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Why Designers Should Embrace AI as a Tool, Not Fear It

In recent years, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked widespread concern about its potential to replace human workers across various industries. The design industry, known for its emphasis on creativity and unique human touch, is no exception. Many designers fear that AI will render their skills obsolete, leaving them jobless in a world

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10 Easy Steps To Become A Stress-Free Designer

Designer or not, everyone might succumb under the pressure of work. The load keeps on piling, deadlines approaching at alarming rates and the list goes on. However, we all can think of ways to organise ourselves so that the stress doesn’t get to us. Here’s a few that might help you: 1. Quality over quantity

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Cool gifts for designers

It’s the holiday season and it is time to relax, embrace joy, happiness and be grateful; but there’s always going to be one worry during this time of the year: PRESENTS. As a designer, it doesn’t matter whether you’re giving a gift to a fellow designer friend or you have to make your own wish

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