Cool gifts for designers


It’s the holiday season and it is time to relax, embrace joy, happiness and be grateful; but there’s always going to be one worry during this time of the year: PRESENTS. As a designer, it doesn’t matter whether you’re giving a gift to a fellow designer friend or you have to make your own wish list; deciding what to give or what to ask for is always hard because there are just too many options! Or maybe…. you just have no clue.

Worry no more! Take a look at these cool quality gift ideas that are beautiful and perfect for the life of a designer

1. Sensu Solo Stylus

Making the real brush more technological – Sensu Solo Stylus gives you the feeling of painting with an actual brush on any touchscreen device. Got sudden inspiration while scrolling through your iPad or iPhone? Bring your ideas to life immediately on your device using Sensu Solo Stylus!

2. Browser Sketch Pad

For those who are into web design, this is a very useful sketch pad. Some people prefer to visualise their ideas in a notebook before actually using the computer. With Browser Sketch Pad, you can get a head start on your web design project.

Video from UI Stencils website.

3. Website Stencil Kit

This is a great complement for the Browser Sketch Pad. The Website Stencil Kit lets you add the most used iconography and interaction buttons to your sketch.


Picture from UI Stencils website.

4. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog: Card Game

A fun way to learn how to identify typographies while playing a memory game with 25 different typographies. You will also learn general information about typography and before you know it, you will start to identify fonts like a pro!


Picture from We and the color website.

5. Paper Watch – design your own watch.

Let your creativity flow and put your own special touch to this amazing paper watch. It’s basically a white canvas where you can personalize it apply your most preferred color. It may not have the features of an Apple watch, but it has one thing Apple doesn’t have: Uniqueness and Customization!


Picture from SuckUK website.

6. Luckies Smartphone Projector 2.0

Watching videos or pictures on your cellphone can be a pain when others are crowding around you wanting to watch from that small screen of yours. That is why Luckies Smartphone Projector 2.0 was invented! It is a great gift for Christmas. It may be basic and simple, but it is definitely something you and your friends can enjoy!

Video from Luckies website.

7. Mug Warmer

Creative people always get so caught up in their work that they tend to forget about the cup of coffee they just prepared for themselves. By the time they realize it, the coffee has become cold. There is no better gift for these forgetful people than a coffee warmer. Trust me on this, they will thank you forever.


Pictures from website.

8. Foot Hammock

Spending all your time working in front of the computer is sometimes painful and uncomfortable. A foot hammock could help you feel more comfortable and be able to chillax every now and then during working hours.


Picture from Zapals website.

9. Chalkboard Mug

This is not only good for personalizing your mug according to your day’s mood, but is also great for sketching or writing down any sudden ideas you have while enjoying your morning coffee. A chalkboard mug paired with a heartfelt special message could be a very perfect and very cute Christmas gift.


Picture from Mummy Alarm website.

10. 8-bit iPad Sleeve Gift

If you or your friend have a naked iPad laying around and the screen already has a few scratches, this could be perfect for you. This 8-bit icon style case will make your iPad look super cool and protect it from all the evil of scratches.


Picture from The Fowndry website.

11. Command +O doormat

For all Mac lovers out there, this doormat is perfect for you. While the “Command+O” key is used to open files, this doormat is the key to opening your front door. Cool right? Check it out:


Picture from website.

12. StockUnlimted

Suffering because you don’t know where to get photos and vectors for your design? How about a 3 year membership to StockUnlimited? For only $4 per month, you or your friend will have access to over 600,000 royalty-free photos and vectors to use in all your design projects; personal or commercial for 3 years!

To be honest, I think this is one of the coolest and most useful gifts for designers. No harm checking it out right? Remember, don’t knock it before you try it! 😉


There are still a lot of gift ideas out there you can look into. If you can’t make up your mind from aaall of them, try picking one from this specially curated list. I promise any of the above would be a good gift for a designer.

I hope this was helpful and happy holidays guys! 😀



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