8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Design

Outsourcing is one of the highest-grossing industries today. Many countries, especially in the West opt to hire offshore employees from countries where labor is much cheaper. Many companies and private individuals also seek the help of outsource labor in the design industry.

With that said, many people are still in doubt when it comes to outsourcing. Questions still cloud their mind about whether or not it’s a good idea to use this service or stay with the traditional way of hiring personnel. Among their concerned questions are:

  • Practicality
  • Security
  • Advantages over the traditional hiring process
  • Quality of work
  • Background checking
  • Finding the right designer for the job

If you are one of these people with similar questions, here are a few important points for you to consider when it comes to outsourcing:

  1. Time-saving


If you don’t have the background or personal experience in design, the best solution for you is to outsource. This allows you to be more productive when it comes to using your time for activities you are more familiar with. You don’t have to exhaust yourself and waste your time on things you are not very familiar with. Outsourcing allows you time to do the things you are more qualified for and delegate the rest of your tasks through outsourcing accordingly.

  1. Economical


Outsourcing a designer is also an economical and practical way to use your money in terms of labor and workforce. Since hiring is only project-based, you do not have to maintain a monthly or weekly salary for outsourced workers. This allows you expenditure money for other important matters of your business such as office supplies, machineries or rent. Numerous companies around the world do this. Hiring managers will just look for talented designers to work on certain projects. Once they have found a suitable designer for their projects, they can always keep their contact and hire them for future projects as well.

  1. High quality of work


You have to admit; sometimes works from skilled outsourced designers are better and of higher quality compared to works from full-time employees. This is because outsourced designers are more focused on a specific project they are working on. They also emphasize on their quality of work because it is their ticket to getting good reviews and more projects in the future.

  1. Gives you better perspective

Outsourcing graphic designers gives you a different perspective on designs, especially if you are not a designer yourself. They might even point you in the right direction of your project. With an outsourced designer, you can ask for several samples of their work for a project or even ask the designer to incorporate your ideas into a design.

  1. Ongoing Projects


Communicating with outsourced designers allows you to connect with better and more diverse designers for future projects. Once you are comfortable with an outsourced personnel, you can contact him or her anytime in the future for other projects you might have.

  1. Easy to hire

Recruit, recruiter, hire.

Outsourced designers are easier to find and hire compared to full-time designers. You just have to log on and search for the best freelance designers and numerous websites will be provided for you.

Among the most sought-after websites for freelance graphic designers include the following:

  • Designs.net
  • Elance
  • Freelancer
  • GetACoder
  • Guru
  • iFreelance
  • Odesk
  • Project4Hire
  • Upwork

These websites are very convenient and easy to use. All you have to do is create an account on each of these websites to start scouting for your desired designers.

Another feature that these websites have is the availability of mobile and smartphone apps for you to keep updated about designers who are applying for jobs or are available for projects.

  1. It is a trend

 A business cannot flourish if it is unaware of today’s trends. Outsourcing has actually become trend that does not show any signs of slowing down. It has become today’s number one business trend. That is why if a business chooses to ignore outsourcing as a trend, it threatens to become obsolete. But if a business is smart and chooses to outsource, they will always be abreast about everything that is going on around them.

  1. Makes your life easier

Hiring outsourced personnel is actually much easier than looking for the best fulltime staff out there. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • They are available globally. You can look for an outsourced skilled designer from Manila, India or even Australia and contact them online. You don’t have to meet them personally in order to hire them.
  • They help save a lot of money. You don’t have to rent an office space to house the designers you employ. Since they work offshore, they work from their own offices or homes.
  • You can hire based on budget. One of the main perks of outsourcing is that you can hire designers across the world based on your budget no matter how small. Manila and India are among the countries with the most affordable outsources personnel.
  • You dictate your own price. The biggest advantage of outsourcing designers is that you get to determine the price of your project.


Many people tend to get anxious about outsourcing. Who wouldn’t? It’s a new trend after all. You have to do business with people you do not know. You are uncertain if they can deliver the work on time. But outsourced graphic designers have a reputation to maintain. Their credibility builds over time. Their responsibility as a freelance designer is to see to it that their clients and employers are happy and satisfied with their work. Otherwise, they lose credibility.

It is also a matter of trust and constant communication between employer and outsourced designer. When you outsource designers, see to it that they are properly compensated for their work. It is also vital that you have open communication with them. It is okay to follow-up on a project but make sure you are polite and diplomatic about it. Remember, they might delay the submission of a project given to them if they feel like they have been unfairly treated, and we do not want that now, do we?


As mentioned above, it is easy to hire an outsourced designer. Especially from websites such as Designs.net.

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