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A Handy Guide to Color Theory

Color plays a vital role in communicating with your consumer base. Its power in brand perception, brand recognition, and purchase motivation is virtually unmatched by all other visual components. According to a study conducted, 80% of all information retained by consumers from visual media is related to color.  Brands use specific colors to evoke strong

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Designers around the world

It is proven fact that talent is everywhere, and can be found in everyone. It isn’t limited to just one place or one type of person. At Designs.net, we are fully aware of that; which is why we are always happy to welcome contributors from all around the world. And because diversity is what makes

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10 Web Design Tutorials for Beginners

What do you feel when you hear the words “Web Design”? You might feel like it’s something very complicated and even scary; something not many people do and certainly something you could never learn. Well, I’m here to tell you that web design is not so complicated to learn after all. I mean yes, it

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