Guide to Designmaker: All You Need to Know

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When you hear the word ‘graphic design’, what comes up in your mind? What most people can agree though, is that design can be time-consuming and too expensive to create. Brainstorming and coming up with new and original content are taxing, and they are especially hard to do when you are pressed for time. Lacking experience or the budget needed to create high-quality graphic designs can also be a huge issue; this situation particularly applies to startups or small businesses. 

And yet – we can’t deny how crucial graphic design can be; for it is the perfect balance of both aesthetics and functionality. Without us realizing it, graphic design is needed for whatever we use, see and touch in our daily lives.

Designing an amazing template using free online design tool - Designmaker.

Commercial-wise, design is a major determinant of whether or not a product sells. Being a consumer yourself, you must know how a product’s or visual ads’ design may affect your purchase decisions. When encountering a brand with consistent and quality-designed products and visual ads, wouldn’t you want to keep buying from them? Hence, it is undeniable how design can shape consumers’ behavior. 

Now for the million-dollar question, if good design is so important, why is it hard to obtain? 

We have just the solution for that – Using Designmaker, we ensure that people from all walks of life can gain access to use our premium design templates fit for any format. As the site is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), all works can be done in a snap of fingers online. Rest assured though, you still have full control of your works as we provide you with all the graphic design tools needed to customize your designs. 

Interested to know more? Here’s how Designmaker can help your designing process smarter, easier and faster

1. AI-powered “Design Wizard” by your side

Using AI-powered design wizard with free online design tool - Designmaker.
Designmaker’s AI-powered Design Wizard. (Source: | Designmaker)

Have your design all figured out with our top feature; Design Wizard. This online AI-powered design tool is guaranteed to generate thousands of design variations personalized just for you! Choose from 8 different formats (or maybe a blank layout) to design whatever it is you please. As the designer, you are of course still allowed to choose your preferred color schemes, title texts, and even photos for your designs. The rest is for artificial intelligence (AI) to sort out. Now, without barely lifting a finger, you can get the best options for your work – all delivered by this special “Design Wizard”. 

2. All choices within your reach 

Millions of graphic elements and assets available in
Millions of assets available in (Source: | Designmaker)

What better way to design than to have literally millions of assets for you to use? On Designmaker, your library of assets is constantly updated; not to mention each of them is fully-licensed to help you realize your best design yet. From posters, banners, business cards, ads and different kinds of visual design,  we have it all. You may think we are exaggerating, but there are exactly over 20,000 dynamic template designs available for you to use on the platform. 

There are also 150 million premium images for you to choose from. These high-quality images’ theme varies from lifestyle, nature, mental health, modern business, travel and many more. 

But what if you want your graphic design to be more illustrious instead? Don’t worry, we have the options for you too. Browse through our collection of 10,000 graphic elements which include basic and organic shapes, unique frames, and visually appealing stickers. Below is a sneak peek at what is in the store for you. Discover more of Designmaker

Free graphic elements available in Designmaker.
Designmaker’s free graphic selections. (Source: | Designmaker)
Free graphic elements available in Designmaker.
Designmaker’s free graphic selections. (Source: | Designmaker)

3. Maintain brand consistency 

Brand planning with Designmaker's Brand Kit feature.

A brand is a living thing; it is the heart of your company and your product; it is your identity. But what if you are trying to build your brand from scratch? We have your back. Simply use this special feature of Designmaker called Brand Kit to ensure that your brand colors are consistent. Not only that, this feature also guarantees your logos and copy always have the right font pairings on your designs; this is as our AI-powered creative site wants to make sure you can steer clear from any typeface mishaps. With this feature, you can easily apply your logo, color, and fonts to your designs. 

Online design tool, Designmaker's Brand Kit feature.
Designmaker’s Brand Kit. (Source: | Designmaker)

4. Suitable for all social media platforms 

Social media visual and graphic design.

In this era of digitalization, it is neither shocking nor surprising if social media platforms got you hooked. Hence, it is completely understandable if you fear that your design masterpiece would not be the right size for your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook posts. But alas, we have prepared everything for your online needs –  the format for our stunning template designs are varied from ad banners for Facebook, to story posts for Instagram and Youtube thumbnails. It is safe to say that your digital designs can also be resized to fit any social media or marketing channel.

5. Excruciating tasks in one click 

Excruciating tasks in just one click using AI technology with

Yes, you read it right the first time – difficult tasks can be done in just one click with this online design tool. Be it removing the background off your images, presenting, or even resizing your drafts, our AI-powered design tool is capable of doing all that for you instantaneously. Say goodbye to hours of scouring the web for external software, for we have it all in one within Designmaker

6. Multiple download formats available 

Downloading graphic design drafts using laptop device.

Any design drafts done on Designmaker can be downloaded in a wide range of formats for free; which includes SVG, PNG, and JPG. Once your plan is upgraded to Basic, you can even export your designs in PDF. All these formats would guarantee a complete look and make sure your downloaded design is of high resolution; not to mention they are also social media and print friendly. 

7. Create your own marketing campaign 

Screenshot of mockup feature in's Designmaker.
Mockup feature in Designmaker. (Source: | Designmaker)

With the latest Mockup integration, you can now visualize your brand on various mediums. Impress your clients with this overall finished appearance of your brand as you generate an impressive marketing campaign with Designmaker. Showcasing your logo on cups, LED billboards,  bags, and all kinds of screens would not be a problem, as we help you strategize the perfect marketing initiatives in just a few clicks. This Mockup feature is also helpful for building a good brand portfolio, as you would be able to display brand consistency to your clients throughout all your campaigns. 

8. Instant Project Collaborations

Project sharing and collaboration for teamwork effort.

Up for some teamwork? Designmaker has made it possible for you to invite your teammates and collaborate on your design projects by simply sharing an invitation through email. Simply click the ‘Share’ button on the top right, put in your team members’ emails and a link (for either viewing or editing the drafts) would be sent out to each of them. Rest easy, for everything done on our creative suite is designed to make it easier for you and your team.  

9. All your drafts, automatically saved!

Creative projects work in progress.

Forgot naming or manually saving your hard work? Not to worry, Designmaker as a free online design tool also automatically saves all your progress and drafts; as long as you are logged in of course! You can find all opened template designs on your personal dashboard as soon as you logged back in, regardless of whether you edited them or not. 

10. Free Tool 

We understand the need of making this innovative all-in-one creative site accessible to just about anyone. That’s why we’ve come up with different types of subscription plans to suit your every need. With the Free plan, our users are entitled to the design wizard, banner resizing, and thousands of graphic elements in this online design tool. You can also unlock more of the assets and features offered by upgrading to either Basic, Pro, or Enterprise/Agency plan. 

Sample of template designs done on Designmaker 

Sample of template designs on free online design tool - Designmaker.
Designmaker, screenshot (Source: | Designmaker)

Regardless of your background and experience, this platform is a great online design tool for experimenting in design, colors, and much more. Whether you are a professional or a complete amateur, Designmaker is there to assist you on practically any design project; making it easier for appealing visual designs to be appreciated and enjoyed by people anywhere. Check out Designmaker now and start your creative journey today!