How to add graphic elements in Designmaker?

Follow these steps to add graphic elements to your designs in Designmaker:

  1. Go to “Designmaker”
  2. Select a template to start designing
  3. Click “Elements” on the left-hand panel of your design interface
  4. Choose graphic elements that you want:
    • Based on category – Categories such as shapes, banners, icons, illustrations, and many more!
    • Based on keyword – Type in a keyword on the search bar to filter relevant elements
  5. Drag and drop to rearrange, resize or rotate graphic elements on your template
  6. Customize graphic elements from the top left corner:
    • Image editor – Add a filter or make adjustments.
    • Crop – Adjust aspect ratio or remove unnecessary part.
    • Flip – Horizontally or vertically flip.
    • Color scheme