How to customize your fonts in Designmaker?

Follow these steps to customize your fonts in Designmaker:

  1. Go to “Designmaker”
  2. Click “Text” on your left-hand panel of your design interface
  3. Add text or select your preferred text design, then drag it to your template
  4. Double click to start typing in your sentences
  5. Find the customization available on the top left corner:
    • Color
    • Font type and size
    • Font format
    • Text alignment
    • Spacing adjustment
    • Text effects – Stroke, Shadow and Glow effects
  6. Or, you can head over to “Brand Kit” on your left-hand panel:
    • Colors – Dilemma to choose colors? We have tons of color palettes available for you to use right away!
    • Fonts – Get the best and most suitable font pairings immediately for your designs.