This Week’s Featured Designpreneurs

We truly appreciate each and every designer that makes the leap to become a Designpreneur at With that said, it is only fitting that we feature some of our most beloved Designpreneurs and their products/services to our vast community. We hope that you find yourself drawing inspiration from them and possibly work towards becoming a Designpreneur yourself!


dannyaldana-56b0458fc22e5Danny Aldana is a full-time graphic designer and a part time art director. He has a lot of experience working with many diverse companies. He specializes in creating brand identities and print/non print designs such as business cards, flyers, posters, social media covers, web banner designs (animated/non-animated) and many more. He is well-liked among our buyers because he is very friendly and has a lot of experience in the design business.

dannyaldana’s products

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dannyaldana’s services

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devidev-56b083b34f0faPradniadhevi, also known as DEVIDEV is a graphic designer that describes her style as clean and elegant. She likes to play with colors, layouts and shapes to ensure that a design’s message is conveyed clearly for its specific target audience. She specializes in designing business cards, resumes, greeting cards, web banners, brochures, packaging and many more. Her attentiveness when it comes  to design makes him a popular Designpreneur among the community.

DEVIDEV’s products

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DEVIDEV’s services

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effrenky-571845e6dd479Ilham, also known as effrenky is a passionate graphic designer. As a designer, his objective is to find the best way to communicate using design solutions. His style can be described as clean and concise. He specializes in brand identity templates, flyer templates, T-shirt design services, business card templates and many more. His effective communication of designs makes him stand out from the rest in the community.

effrenky’s products

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effrenky’s services

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Sylvia Krishna is a vibrant soul that enjoys her life as a graphic designer. Her passion lies in working with beautiful types and colours. She often uses vibrant colours to express herself in her designs. She puts her all into her designs and tends to create design solutions with high visual impact. She specializes in creative poster designs, business/greeting card designs, custom roll-up banner designs, creative flyer designs, logo designs and many more. Her honest love for designs is what makes her work so attractive.

sylvia’s products

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sylvia’s services

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pomo-56e6926a8d18fHe describes himself as a little rabbit that likes to chew on yummy carrots. As one of our more quirky designers, his creativity stands out. He loves incorporating lots of color in his designs but he does it in such a charming way, it’s never too much. He specializes in imaginative designs such as infographics, flyers, brochures, landing pages, logos and many more. His colorful personality and love for designing makes him a community favourite.

pomo’s products

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pomo’s services

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