Designpreneur Of The Week: Cavin Agustanto


Who am I?

Hey all! My name is Cavin Agustanto, born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. What inspired me most to become a designer has to do with how ugly the world is; bear with me, this will all make sense soon.

How did I get into design?

As a boy, I’ve always been curious about everything. I would find my way to the school library to learn new things, reading through the encyclopedia as there was no such thing as wikipedia back then. Long story short, I received my first camera in high school and immediately fell in love with photography. This is when my passion started to grow. I learnt how to use photoshop and explored doing silly things with it. I used various effects for fun as well as created many animations. This is how I got my start in design.

What is my passion?

Today, I am still a passionate and creative individual. I love doing anything related to the creative field. My passion for creativity ranges from coming up with creative marketing strategies all the way to film-making.

What is my design style?

My design style can be described as simple and minimalistic. I am heavily influenced by Dieter Rams, Jonathan Ive, Paul Rand, I.m. Pei, I.M. Pei, Frank Gehry and many more. My favourite quote is by Paul Rand, “Design is so simple that’s why it is so complicated.”

What is my goal in life as a designer?

My goal in life is to change people’s perspective of Indonesia. I feel that people in Indonesia mock design work and underestimate the process of design. So, I have made it my mission to change that. People need to understand and appreciate design, and hopefully I am the man to make them realize that.

My portfolio


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Instagram Photography:

Here are more links of Cavin’s amazing design work as featured on StockUnlimited:

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