Impacts of video marketing for startup business

Photographer takes video of product for advertising and marketing purposes.

Here’s what’s interesting! Every time you scroll through Instagram and see a random video ad about an app or game, someone else is downloading it. In fact, according to the Wyzowl 2020 video marketing survey, we find that 74% of total audiences on Instagram download an app or game from video product ads! That is precisely how much the impact of video marketing is prevalent in the current marketing world.

The easy basics of marketing are to promote brand visibility, communicate and connect the product to the consumers. The best way to do this was through visual and oratory mediums. We all have guilty succumbed to handsome and gorgeous ads of Bradly Cooper wearing a watch or Kim Kardashian wearing a Lipstick wishing we were them. However, you may now call these video marketing techniques “OLD” since from the 90’s the true avant-garde into the scene came in the form of Video Marketing. Statistics show an increase of 41% in video marketing since 2016: say you what may but no one could resist the shiny bright vibrant Apple iPhone video ads!

Now since we can safely assume that video marketing is solidly the most impactful one among marketing forms, let’s delve a little deeper into the essence of Video marketing and how it can help you boost your startup business to the next level!

The best view from everywhere!

The Electronic Display, readily available at all hands all around the world in all shapes and sizes. The best and only medium to use video marketing. Simply put, the best tool to view your brand is now at the hands of the masses making it the biggest advantage for marketers to work their magic on. Electronic displays came a long way to a point that we have the highest definition displays in our pockets. Those displays are our main target here. 

Video marketing on electronic displays.

Videos are the most engaging form of content currently, as social media has had been the biggest tech boom of the century with a worldwide total of 4 Billion users. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok: all the popular platforms that are most popular for video content since its the easiest to consume alongside being more entertaining and engaging. Moreover, the ease of access and shareability across multiple platforms makes it the best choice for marketers. It’s also really easy to get started on your youtube channel nowadays. 

Versatility like nothing else

Videos are not just minutes of moving pictures pre-recorded. There are multiple forms of videos and 9/10 chances, you’ve experienced all of them. Entrepreneurs and startups can use these multiple forms of videos to slowly grow their viewership and brand visibility. Here are three types of video content that are best suited for marketing.

  • Explainer videos
  • Live videos
  • Product reviews and demo videos
Popular social media platforms for video marketing.

Explainers are videos that allow you to break down your product taking time to go through each detail, and it all makes the viewer get the best possible explanation on your product. You can do this certain type of video for new products or new features, and you want your target demographic to completely understand your product.

Live videos allow real-time connection with your audience.

Live Videos are the new hype. With modern technology, it’s very possible to deliver your camera feed directly to the consumers’ device through social media. This allows you a real-time connection with your audience. Large corporations like Apple, Microsoft, Google usually do live videos during their product launches. Live videos help you to reach a large audience base and engage people with your brand directly.

Product reviews and demo videos to showcase product and its functions.

Product Reviews and Demo Videos are created by brand ambassadors and influencers who are affiliated with you or are doing collaborations. This can be a perfect means of practically having free ads while reaching a large following of people. If the people making the video reviews have a lot of engagement and ratings, this will also help you learn more about the product.

Most Startups and entrepreneurs make do with a small budget for marketing efforts. But, with the latest technology, it’s very possible to get quality videos out for marketing. Albeit there are a lot of video editing tools available, such as the AI-powered Videomaker by which makes video editing for such new startups and entrepreneurs a breeze. There are more ways to build a strong brand name which you can read here

Let’s talk about numbers

Statistics bring about the hard evidence to put speculations at a halt. Got you covered here with the most important numbers you need to know.

93% marketers use video marketing as their major marketing strategy. – Wyzowl, 2020.

Most marketers nowadays have moved on to a more online form of marketing which gives them the creative freedom to use videos as a major marketing tool. There is more versatility involved here, more options to select your target demographic, and a broader creative spectrum. This brings in a higher Return on Investment (ROI) and more sales.

A video camera to take product videos for marketing purpose.

Around 40% of marketers say their plans around video marketing have been, or are being affected, by the coronavirus pandemic. – Wyzowl, 2020.

Most businesses during the covid-19 have seen an unprecedented fall in sales. To replenish their losses, they had to move to online business, and for that their marketing efforts have had to be revamped. During this time 24% of businesses used video marketing for the first time.

An overall performance of video marketing campaign.

Over 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021. – Cisco.

Another great advantage to Video marketing is Search Engine Optimization or generally termed as SEO. In short, having a good SEO rating allows your website to come up within the first options when you search it on the internet. Search engines prefer videos more, and having quality optimized content on your product allows you to have higher SEO ratings. This means incorporating the right keywords, a solid meta description, and also a strong title.

90% of consumers claim a video will help them make a purchasing decision. – Social Media Today.

Other statistics from Wyzowl state that 79% of people end up installing the app they see on the ads of their social media. This basically means that people are more likely to use a product based on the video ads shown on their feed. Additionally, adding videos on your landing page also increases the time people spend there. 

Psst… here are some tips on video marketing

Get started on your video marketing strategies with these quick tips:

  1. Know your video length and the platform’s preferential time. Before posting videos, these metrics are very important. 
  2. Optimize your videos. Add relevant keywords and optimize your video content well. This massively affects your SEO rankings.  
  3. Always remember to stay mobile-friendly. Keep your videos aspect ratios standardized but remember to post vertical videos for platforms that support it.
  4. Keep analyzing your videos through performance metrics. This is to understand the acceptance of the video, and what you need to improve on your next video.
  5. Always encourage your viewers to share your videos across all platforms. This allows the video ratings to go up, as well as SEO rankings. 

There are other ways to optimize your videos and get the best out of them. But, it also depends on your product and content type. Always make sure to test before executing!

On the ending note

Video is one of the most common types of entertainment on the planet, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. And it’s understandable: we crave interaction and personality in an impersonal digital environment. It’s important for us to see and hear phenomenons in their natural setting.

A team of people having fun working together.

Videos aren’t just entertaining; it’s also one of the most effective ways to get close to your viewers and show them what you and your company or clients are up to. Think beyond benefit and product here — teach them more about your theory, or educate them about an interesting case, or provide them with useful knowledge. They are more likely to hang around if they are aware of the good activities.

With the advent of the greatest and latest technology, video making has become quite an essential part of any marketer’s job. It’s not that easy of a job to acquire such a complicated skill in a short while and that is where tools like Videomaker come in handy. One of the best video editing tools that makes video-making a walk in the park. 

As a startup or an entrepreneur, you have the best possible chances to rise up while learning and testing en route. Video marketing is the way!


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