10 Ways to Upgrade Your Lesson Using Designs.ai

Teacher, lecturer, tutor, mentor, and instructor are all educators. We know that educators’ role is to educate learners, but the responsibility goes beyond that in actuality. They are responsible for meaningful and creative learning experiences that allow students to understand better while enjoying the process of learning. 

Every learner is unique and has a special learning style in gaining new knowledge. However, it cannot be denied that humans are visual creatures as most of us tend to process information based on what we see. In fact, approximately 65 percent of human beings are visual learners. Nowadays, educators are leaning towards visual materials to gain students’ excitement in classrooms, physical or visual. And Designs.ai can be the right classroom tool for educators like you to utilize for your lesson.

With that being said, here are 10 ways how you can use Designs.ai to assist your teaching process in the classrooms:

1. Create eye-catching presentations

In this digital era, teachers and students have been actively using presentation slides as one of the main tools in the classroom. You want your presentation slides to be attractive and eye-catching enough to capture your students’ attention. No worries, Designs.ai could help you with that. Designmaker offers thousands of stunning presentation slide templates for your disposal. You can now easily create amazing slides that encourage students’ participation, even without any design experience. Search for ‘presentation templates’ in Designmaker and you are ready to go. 

Create your presentation slides with Designs.ai's Designmaker.
Presentation template. (Source: Designmaker)

2. Design your lesson plans

A lesson plan is an essential tool for educators, as it works as a foundation and guides everyday classroom activities. Of course, you want your lesson plans to be effective yet attractive as you will be using them every day. Having a design before the actual learning process allows educators to have a thorough idea of the learning material. If you are asking how to make one, then Designs.ai is the solution to that. With Designs.ai, drafting your lesson plan is not a hassle anymore.

Designmaker by Designs.ai has thousand of layout templates, images, and illustrations that will surely fit your needs. Heads to the ‘Education’ category and you will found treasures for your lesson plans.

Design your lesson plan with Designs.ai's Designmaker.
Lesson plan. (Source: Designmaker)

3. Unleash students’ creativity in video making

Videos are an amazing tool for teaching and learning. Educators nowadays mostly are tasking their students with video making. Other than being a superb visual aid for learning, students could also express their understanding through video making. Students could understand and remember the lesson better while enjoying the process. Besides, by giving them the freedom to create their videos, they could unleash their creativity too. You are killing two birds with one stone with this. 

You do not need to worry about the tools needed. Designs.ai, an online suite of design tools is here to assist. For video editing, your students can use Videomaker. They can easily create a video in minutes by choosing from thousands of templates available in the library, adjust them to their creativity and needs. Need voiceovers? Do not worry, Designs.ai could also help with that through Speechmaker

Unleash students' creativity with Designs.ai's Videomaker.
Video templates. (Source: Videomaker)

4. Inspire students with educational posters

Posters should be both eye-catching and informative. They must be stunning to attract students’ attention and at the same time equip them with new knowledge. 

To illustrate, this is an example of an educational poster that you can create for your students. This ‘Adapting To The New Normal’ poster is made by none other than Designmaker by Designs.ai. To create a more creative poster, you can use the illustrations from Graphicmaker. Graphicmaker offers many useful illustrations for your needs. 

Create educational poster with Designs.ai's Designmaker.
Educational poster. (Source: Designmaker)

5. Send invitations to parents

You surely want to be known as the friendly and easy-to-approach teacher to your student’s parents or guardians. By giving out this kind of impression towards them, the communication between these two parties will be a lot easier especially during Parent-Teacher Conferences. But, how? 

Create a digital invitation card and send it to the parents. By doing this, you can personally interact with them before the real meet-up. As a result, the parents could be more engaging during the meeting as they are already comfortable communicating with you. 

Designmaker offers thousands of invitation templates that you can personalize to your needs.

Create invitations with Designs.ai's Designmaker.
Invitation template. (Source: Designmaker)

5. Create a checklist to keep students on track

Some students could get distracted by many things surrounding them that make them lose focus with class activities. You can keep them on track by making a checklist of what they should do in the classroom. The checklist could be done once a week. Remind the students about the tasks and assignments that should be completed on that particular week. 

And as usual, Designs.ai is the solution for this. Create a reminder for your students with a checklist by using Designmaker. The photo below is one of the examples of a checklist created with Designmaker.

Create checklist with Designs.ai's Designmaker.
Checklist. (Source: Designmaker)

7. Set a theme for the classroom

Setting a theme for your classroom could elevate the mood of the students. Who wants to be in a dull and boring classroom, right? There are many themes that you can choose to decorate your classroom. As for the materials, you can get most of the resources from Designs.ai. 

For some ready-made templates, you could go to Designmaker. If you need some cute and stunning illustrations, you can get that at Graphicmaker. Want to create a special logo for your classroom? Then, Logomaker by Designs.ai is perfect for you. Everything that you need is in Designs.ai. 

8. Acknowledge students’ achievements with certificates

Students need acknowledgment for their achievements, no matter big or small. You can congratulate them by giving certificates for things that they managed to achieve. Doing this will also serve as a motivation for them to strive for better results in the future. 

The certificate below only took less than 5 minutes to complete. How is that possible? Of course by using templates from Designmaker. Fully customizable so you can adjust the text accordingly. 

Create certificate with Designs.ai's Designmaker.
Certificate templates. (Source: Designmaker)

9. Customize audio material for listening skill

We know that most people are visual learners, but listening skills need to be considered too for a more effective learning process. Test your students’ listening skills by creating audio material related to your subject. How to create your own audio material? The solution is definitely Designs.ai.

One of the main tools called Speechmaker could help you with this. Just paste your text in the space provided and this A.I-powered tool will help generate the audio for you instantly. To add to that, you can also choose the type of voice you want for your audio. Isn’t that cool?

Create audio materials for your teaching with Designs.ai's Speechmaker.
Speechmaker interface. (Source: Speechmaker)

10. Celebrate important events/celebrations with students

Do you know that Designs.ai provides a Social Calendar, a collection of multiple events and celebrations from all around the world? If you want to educate while celebrating any events, you can go to Designs.ai’s Social Calendar. You will never miss out on events or celebrations to celebrate with your students. 

To make it even better, encourage your students to create their own posters for the events being celebrated. You can see how your students view the events through the posters that they created. It can be considered as a learning process too. 

Collection of multiple events and celebrations with Designs.ai's Social Calendar.
Collection of multiple events and celebrations. (Source: Social Calendar)


With these 10 ways, educators are not to worry anymore about how they can use creative visual content to elevate their teaching process. Designs.ai, an online suite of graphic design tools is here to accompany you during your journey. It can serve as your helper and your friend when you are designing your class materials.


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