Design Your Valentine’s Card with Designmaker

Design your Valentine's card with Designmaker.
Valentine’s Day card. (Source: Unsplash)

Lo and behold – the sweet annual celebration of love revolving around chocolates and flowers is here once again. You might find yourself short on ideas to impress your loved ones, but not to worry! This article will get you started right away in planning the best Valentine’s Day yet this February 14th. 

Whether it is a romantic candle-lit dinner, a bouquet of roses, or even a giant teddy bear, no Valentine’s gift would be complete without a Valentine’s Day card. A personalized card though, would guarantee you miles further in winning your Valentine’s heart. 

But what makes a good Valentine’s Day card? How can the card design be heartwarming and show-stopping at the same time?

We have the answer for that – simply browse through our wide collections of Valentine-themed template designs and customize your card for free now. As for the tips and tricks on the perfect Valentine’s card design, we’ve got you covered!

Colorful flowers as romantic Valentine's day gift.
Valentine’s Day gift. (Source: Unsplash)

5 quick steps to design your own Valentine’s Card

  1. Create your own account on for free
  2. Go to your dashboard on Designmaker and search “Valentine’s”
  3. Pick a template to your liking
  4. Edit the chosen template (more on how to design below!)
  5. Save and share with your Valentine

Tips and tricks on Valentine’s card designing 

1. Don’t be afraid to make it POP

Don't be afraid to be bold in expressing your love to your Valentine, in colors.
Swirling colors. (Source: Unsplash)

One thing to keep in mind when designing a special card for a special someone is to be bold in expressing your love, in colors! Don’t get intimidated by color schemes, for not only can you experiment with it yourself, but you can also choose from the ready-made palettes that are available for you in our Designmaker’s Brand Kit feature. With just one click, you can change the entirety of your template’s color scheme. 

Swap colors from red to purple shades in designing Valentine's card.
Swap colors from red to purple shades in designing Valentine's card.
Swap colors using Brand Kit. (Source: Designmaker)

If you are still unsure about color combinations, you can opt for choosing only one element in the card and make it eye-catching instead. This way, you can play it safe while also making sure your Valentine’s card has the “wow” factor.

2. Illustrate your love 

Illustrate your love.
Flowers illustration. (Source: Unsplash)

What better way to showcase your appreciation than to visualize it for your loved ones? Be it a short poem, a snippet of a song’s lyrics, or even a simple ‘Happy Valentine’s’ would be a thousand times more attractive if accompanied with the right visual. Using Designmaker, you can choose from 30,000+ stunning graphic elements to complete your card design. From simple graphics to fancy frames and detailed illustrations, we have it all – simply click on the element icon and search for the ones you desire.

Searching valentine's graphic elements in Designmaker.
Designmaker’s graphic elements. (Source: Designmaker)

3. Minimalism works too

Using minimalism in designing Valentine's card.
Minimalism. (Source: Pexels)

If your special someone prefers something simple, sleek, or modern – minimalism would be the go-to style for your card. Minimalism can be referred to as design at its most basic element; meaning it aims to make the focal point of the design stand out as much as possible. Unnecessary colors, shapes, and textures can be omitted; which in turn gives a calming effect for the viewer. You can consider this style when designing your card – it guarantees that all your “I love you’s” can be understood crystal clear by your Valentine. 

4. Typeface Craze 

Love note for your Valentine.
Love note.  (Source: Unsplash)

Are you aware that fonts can work wonders? Let’s say you would like to bypass all design elements except for fonts; that is all good too!  One way to go about this is to click on the Brand Kit icon and select the fonts tab. A premade collection of font combinations are available for you to choose from for your card design. You can also browse through our choices of typeface under the Text tab (see below). Using different typefaces would for sure make your card very eye-catching, albeit unique too. You can even highlight which sentences or words you want to focus on with a different font. 

Font selection for designing Valentine's card.
Designmaker’s fonts selection.  (Source: Designmaker)

5. Insert nostalgia

Incorporate sweet nostalgia into your Valentine's card.
Vintage records.  (Source: Pexels)

Every couple has a “thing” that is owned just by the two of them. Be it a song, an inside joke, a restaurant, or even a shop – there has to be something special about this thing, which usually serves as a reminder of a pleasant occurrence between them. 

So why not incorporate this sweet nostalgia into your Valentine’s card? It could be a small detail on the first date you had or the song lyrics that you had your first dance to. Including this in your card would show just how attentive you are in your relationship, while making sure that your partner can reminisce about the marvelous times you both had together. 

6. Let your personality shine through

Sprinkle with love.
Card decorations.  (Source: Unsplash)

What makes you, you? What qualities of yourself that your partner finds charming or just simply, adorable? Instead of trying to make your Valentine’s card as Hallmark-ish as possible, why not sprinkle some of your personality on instead – It can be something goofy, eccentric, or just bizarre but as long as it displays you as the designer, wouldn’t that be enough to make this card special? 

If you want to switch it up and highlight your Valentine’s interests instead, that would be great too. Maybe you can put design elements that remind you of your partner. Perhaps a pattern that resembles their favorite shirt, or a quote from their favorite book, or switching the default color schemes to their favorite tones. 

Designmaker’s varied tools are designed to make it easier for you to do all this, sometimes in just one click. Simply drag and drop from our Library and your work is done. 

7. Use images

Polaroid memories with your Valentine.
Polaroid memories. (Source: Unsplash)

A quick tip in making your card more appealing (visual-wise), is to play around with pictures. You can either select from our vast collection of 150 million premium stock images or simply upload your own pictures using Designmaker’s uploader. It can be your favorite photos of the both of you, scanned polaroids from your recent date, or even concert tickets. You can even crop, add filters, and resize the images as you wish. 

8. Humor your Valentine 

Valentine's Day pun cards using Designmaker from’s Valentine’s Day pun cards. (Source: Designmaker)

It can be a meme, or a bad poem, or even wordplay (ie. puns) – if it would make your loved one smile, why not give it a go? You might think it reduces the elegance of the card, but who cares! If it can draw a laugh from your special someone and make you both less nervous, a humorous Valentine’s card can always be relied on. 

Samples of Valentine’s card designs we offer!

Stunning Valentine's card templates from Designmaker.
Valentine’s card templates. (Source: Designmaker)

These templates were skillfully done by our professional designers to make your designing experience much easier. By keeping these templates simple, we are opening up a wide window of possibilities for you to alter and customize them to suit your likings. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, those things do not matter in Designmaker as we strive to ensure our platform is welcoming for everyone. 

Design and share your Valentine’s card within 2 minutes

On Designmaker, there’s no such thing as wasted time; our AI-generated platform will ensure that your design can be completed within 2 minutes – with only one click to share, resize and present it. Though printing your Valentine’s card is the more traditional option, you can of course opt for sharing the link of your work to your special someone. By sharing the invitation link, they would have the access to maybe edit and resize it to fit their preferred social media channel. 

Though it may take less than 2 minutes, rest assured that the end-product of your card would not come out rushed nor unprofessional. This as we have a team of high-skilled designers to ensure that each template is well-developed and planned in detail; which gives you more time to think about how to personalize the perfect Valentine’s card for your loved one.