12 Ways Your Logo Impacts Social Media

Social media is an inevitable part of every business today, especially in the promotion and advertising industries. It affects how people perceive and the level of liking or distaste they associate with a product or service. This effect starts with how people see a logo in social media. The way they visualize the logo determines how they will accept and patronize the product or service it carries. This is why it is very important to place your logo on the right social media platform and present it to the right audience at the right time.  

The following discusses how your logo impacts social media and how can you use it on your advantage.

  • It widens your network


Social media is known for broadening networks as it is used by family and friends, and the friends of their friends. Thus, your friends and their other friends outside your circle are also using social media. A logo with proper recall, an attractive design and a professional look has a higher tendency to be patronized by friends and followers. The market is looking for something trustworthy on social media. When they see that your logo looks professional on all levels, it will create a network of likers and followers.   

  • It puts you on the map


It creates your presence in social media and lets people know that you are open for business. Your logo serves as the face of your company, which is why it is crucial to create a professional-looking logo for your company. 

  • It shows professionalism and increases trust

A stylish and properly-designed logo commands respect. In this world of specifics and higher market expectations, people need something they can trust. They need a brand worthy of their money. When customers see a professional looking logo in social media, they can sense that it is not a fly-by-night company and it can be trusted.  

  • It tells your company story

Your logo is more than just the name of your company. The color, font and picture used in designing your logo conveys significant event, people or thought about your business. They tell the story of your company, what you and your people believe in.

In social media, logos with pictures, readable fonts, engaging color and layouts are the best ways to tell your clients about your company’s values and products.

  • It makes you stand out among the rest

Logo impacts social media in a way that differentiates you from your competitors. A well-designed logo has the recall that stays in the minds of your target market. Once you achieve this recall, you will be one of the most widely remembered and recommended product or service in your area of expertise.

Your logo speaks about how social media clients will remember you. If you have a common and weak logo, then you risk becoming a part of a browsing history. `

  • It allows your brand to be recognized across different platforms

Social media is an interlinking network. If you ventured into promoting your logo on one platform, with consistency and impression, it has a higher probability to be shared or linked to other platforms. Using the right tools such as hashtags, likes, shares, and views, your logo will create recall, and eventually a brand recognition.

  • It helps make your customers happy

Clients want to be associated with beautiful things – and a beautifully-created logo signifies good thing that people want to be a part of. In social media, people get the good vibe and light feeling when they know that they are related to something beautiful – and it makes them happy.

  • It drives brand recognition

A well-crafted logo plays a very huge part on how clients across social media platforms perceive the brand it carries. The distinctive colors, fonts, and images you use in a logo have huge impact on the face of the company. In social media, people tend to remember the best and worst about a product or service – and you don’t want to be associated with the worst parts.  

Create a logo that can establish a good recall among social media users. These logos have a chance of great brand recognition across platforms – whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

  • It draws people to your company

A good logo commands appeal and authority. It has something that makes people draw closer to you. Using the right combination of elements for an effective logo warrants a chance that you will enjoy the attention from your target clients.

In social media, people tend to be more expressive. There are click-through buttons for when they like or love your photos and ways to share them. And people love sharing things that they have good experiences with.   

  • Your logo changes how people perceive things on social media

Social media is a powerful tool to influence the way people perceive things. When you get the right and appropriate logo uploaded and shared across social media platforms, people will see it as an independent brand – no matter how small or big you are. So, whether you are operating from a small garage in your house, it does not matter – because people see you for the greatness you are across social media.

  • Your logo communicates across social media

You don’t have to send a message to every target client for them to know your presence. Your logo will do that for you. Your logo serves as the face of your company and everything that you stand for. This is why it is very important to use the right elements when designing a logo. For example, the color and the font style you choose has the ability to draw attention and command respect from clients and competitors.

Your logo can convey your story across social media platforms. It does not have to be in text or paragraph form to make them understand what you want to say. The logo says it all.

  • Your logo attracts people from social media

Social media is a commanding presence in the field of promotion and advertisement today. It is also a convenient way to make people know that you are open for business. A good logo can make people come to you and ask what you can offer to them – and uploading your logo in social media can do just that. 


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