5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Good Packaging Design

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Good Packaging Design

Art has a way that inspires people. And this is one reason why using art for an advertising campaign has become so efficient. Having the right design for your product’s packaging is crucial since it encourages consumers to buy what you have to offer them. Sometimes, having the right packaging design might mean the difference between having the edge over your competitors and being left behind in the industry. That is exactly the reason why investing in a packaging design is worth the cost.

Allocating a portion of your budget on a quality design assures a boost in your business, and it will take your company to a different level. For the majority of consumer products available in the market, package design has, time and again, become a marketing tool that proves to be sales-effective and cost-efficient. Here are five reasons why investing in a professional packaging design is something your business should do.

1. Draw potential customers’ interest

Draw potential customers' interest

People create an initial impression of your product based on how it looks. A package design is responsible for giving consumers the necessary information about a product. There are also times when the design is the only telltale sign of what customers should expect from your product upon purchase. Hence, it is important that the design piques a probable consumer’s interest especially when that person knows nothing about your product. Having a creative design, one that stands out, will make your product easy to find from a crowd of other competitors in your industry.

Remember that if your product’s package looks ordinary and similar to the many other items, people can choose from, then there is a smaller chance for it to be selected by consumers.  The packaging must differentiate your product from the many others on the shelf. It is important that its design will let customers identify your product easily even when it’s on display with the other competing merchandise.

2. Develop your brand identity

Develop your brand identity

Just as the packaging is responsible for the first opinion people will have about your product, your design needs to be reflective of your brand’s identity. The design has to be accurate in its representation of your product and the image your brand is gearing towards so that people will easily recognize what you have to offer. In turn, the easy recognition will encourage consumers’ loyalty to your brand.

If for example, you have a luxury brand, you would want a packaging that exudes an air of class and elegance. Sometimes a simple design using neutral and earth metallic colors will do just that. If your brand is all about encouraging visionaries and forward thinkers, then your packaging should espouse creativity and innovation.

Established brands understand that many shoppers identify with products they already know, and this relation influences them to buy the product. Hence, when a brand undergoes changes in its packaging, the brand perception of customers are also likely to change. That change may consequently delay any purchases until consumers have reestablished the association they have made before between a product and its packaging.

3. Encourage business growth

Encourage business growth

If your company is facing changes, either to expand its reach or to move towards an entirely different direction, your packaging design is a fantastic material to spur that shift and get you to the level you are aiming for. Alterations in packaging are not unusual when a product line is moving towards a different market or when there are branding adjustments in general. Often, redesigning a package is the perfect way to introduce that change.

4. Promote an increase in business value

Promote an increase in business value

In the long run, an investment in a professional packaging design always pays off. Previous studies have shown a return on investment of at least $7 for each dollar spent on in-store advertising. This finding tells us that investment on packaging, as a part of an effective in-store retail campaign, can promote an increase in business value through greater returns we can expect in the future. Having a strong brand identity, with great product packaging as one of the significant factors, can give you a strong brand positioning in the market. Consequently, your brand positioning determines your business value. A strong one will guarantee your long-term business benefits, and the investments you’ve made will give your company a high valuation.

5. Boost your profit

Boost your profit

One of the reasons why it is best to design a new packaging is that it significantly increases the profit you make. As mentioned earlier, you get to expect a high ROI from investment on packaging and other in-store retail campaigns. An intelligent and impressive package design gives you greater shelf presence, and it ultimately makes your brand stand out among your competitors in the market. It increases the likelihood for people to purchase your product. From here on now, you can build your customers’ brand loyalty as long as the quality of your product continues to change for the better and if not, remains the same. And of course, you get to strengthen the brand loyalty with a package design that remains reflective of your brand identity.


In the end, what you should be aiming for is a strong shelf presence that will surely drive your business forward and boost your profits. It’s no question that smartly packaged items are more likely to catch the attention of consumers compared to poorly packaged ones. As long as your packaging design is attractive enough and it represents your brand’s identity and image, then would-be customers will gear toward your product instead of what the competition is offering them. Just remember that product packaging is another form of advertising and it is vital in any marketing strategy as it reinforces the identity of your brand.

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