Introducing The New All-In-One Marketing Tool is an online platform powered by artificial intelligence.  As a pioneer in the field, it is built with the mission to empower imagination through cutting-edge technology, making design smarter, faster, and easier.

Hosting all of their design tools online, ensures that intuitive professional design is accessible to everyone. Someone with no design experience will be able to create stunning marketing portfolios in less than 2 minutes with the help of their user-friendly interface and AI-powered tools. is the perfect platform for SME owners, marketplace sellers, startups, agencies, influencers, freelancers, and marketers.

These integrated essential tools help users create stunning graphics, compelling videos, personalized logos, and smart mockups, all while saving precious time and resources. Users are also provided with extra tools or mini-tools to assist them in their design process.

Furthermore,’s easy collaboration feature allows users to invite their teammates in working together on projects, while the integration functions enable users to save brand assets and use them across different creations.


Logomaker enables users to create unique logos for their business in seconds. By analyzing company information and logo preferences, it utilizes AI technology to generate hundreds of potential logos. The built-in simplified editor empowers users to create entire branding kits without needing to use Photoshop. Users are able to make as many logos as they like for free. But to download them, they’ll first have to purchase one of packages, which are the Basic, Premium, or Enterprise package. One interesting quality of the tool is that once a user has made their own logo design, it will be personalized to the user and their brand, lowering the possibility of anyone creating an identical logo. Designs are also saved automatically to the user’s account for easy access. The end result is high-resolution logos in multiple formats, ready to be used.


The Videomaker is an easy-to-use software that creates videos with artificial intelligence by utilizing a library of clips, audios, animations which translates into unique compelling stories. The user starts off by inputting a few lines of script and selecting video preferences.  The smart AI text-to-video tool leverages millions of clips and animations with voiceovers in 20 different languages creating a sleek edited video. The video is customizable by the user using the simplified editor and they are able to export high-resolution videos in multiple formats.


With Designmaker, users are able to create stunning visual content with dynamic smart templates. The AI-powered Wizard allows users without design experience to create layouts for social media graphics, presentations, offline promotional materials, and many more, by simply input their information or design requirements. And the designs created can be resized instantly for any social media or marketing channel. The tool integrates the users’ branding kit into the design, reflecting brand identity perfectly.


A text-to-speech tool Speechmaker.

Speechmaker is an online A.I. voice generator that allows users to convert written text into realistic voiceovers easily in various languages and accents. Users simply enter their written script, select their voice preferences, and our A.I. tool will automatically adjust tone, pitch, and generate natural-sounding voiceovers according to the script. 


With Mockupmaker, users can create stunning, high-resolution mockups for their businesses and projects. Users simply choose a mockup template and upload their logo, banner, advertisement, or packaging, and the tool will realistically edit it into a mockup template of their choice. The user will then be able to customize it with a built-in simplified editor, accessible for designers looking to escape the hassle of photoshop. After customization and when users want to use the mockup, they will need to purchase the finished mockup prior to downloading them. Users are also able to save a mockup or template later using the save or heart icon and the designs will be stored in the user’s account. 

Assistive Tools

On top of the main tools, also provides built-in online assistive tools. These mini tools complement the four main tools in empowering users with inspiration and perspective for their designs.

Color Matcher

Color Matcher helps users easily generate thousands of beautiful color palettes, providing inspiration and the opportunity of making choices to choose palettes that are best suit their design. Colors have become an increasingly significant part of the design, not just in terms of sparking emotions and empathize with the viewers but also its importance across different cultures. Each color has its own meaning and significance to it which can be found more in these blog entries; Color symbolism and Meaning and A Handy Guide to Color Theory.

Font Pairer

Font Pairer aids users to choose the best font combinations for their designs, enabling users in creating a unique brand identity that’s stylish and memorable. Typography plays a major role in providing an attractive impression while preserving the aesthetic value of users’ content. It’s one of the key elements in setting the overall tone of someone’s design. Some fonts are associated with certain moods, aesthetics, and culture in which designers could leverage to ensure a great user experience. More materials on typography are A Crash Course in Typography


Graphicmaker allows designers and non-designers alike to create a graphic design online and download the illustrations for free. Users are able to download the illustrations in SVG or PNG form under a few categories of illustrations that’s available for the users to choose from. The customizable color feature enables users to change illustrations to represent their brands better. Illustrations and graphics add creativity to design, but personalized illustrations and graphics such as colors amplify and associate emotional affinity with brand identity.


This mini-tool provides a free extensive online social media holiday calendar for everyone. It’s particularly useful as a framework for sharing content that resonates with the users’ audience and also sells their business, targeting content around specific campaigns and goals. Keeping up-to-date with social media holidays is crucial to someone’s social marketing plan. Holiday posts are easy to create – especially with tools, have an emotional appeal that attracts viewers, they’re timely and relevant because it’s interesting, and shareable which will increase traction to posts. For more information on social marketing or holiday marketing, read Successful Digital Marketing During Holiday Season. is an online creative platform where it empowers people of various skill levels to create professional design quickly and easily. These innovative, immediate, and impactful design tools such as Logomaker, Videomaker, Designmaker, Speechmaker, Mockupmaker, Graphicmaker, Font Pairer, Color Matcher, and Calendar all in one place makes design accessible to people of all backgrounds. With a single subscription, users have access to unlimited resources of what has to offer.  


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