10 Tutorials You Must Watch To Master The Art Of Logo Design

Creating artistic and unique logos are an endless learning process because design trends are constantly changing, softwares continue to develop, and the market becomes more and more demanding. These changes encourage designers to be more courageous as they can’t back down from a challenge. Their aim is to improve their techniques overtime that will eventually lead to better design results.

Luckily, there are online education tutorials that can help designers improve their artistic skills. The following videos are made by logo design masters, among which have some of the best tutorials that you must watch.

  1. William Lidwell’s “The Science of Logo Design”

In this video, expert designer William Lidwell explains how science affects the elements of logo design – apart from artistry. He even manages to demystify the most popular guidelines known to logo designers as well as outdated principles.

  1. 4 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Logo Design by Will Patterson

This video is an essential lesson for every designer who wants to master the art of logo design. Author and host, Will Patterson discusses four basic things every designer venturing into logo design should know. In this video, he motivates creative workers to never give up especially in this difficult design industry. His encouragement really makes a difference to his viewers as you can see for yourself in the comment section. Some even say that this video if for graphic design in its entirety and not just logo design.

  1. Before & After: Graphic Design Best Practices

This video helps designers sharpen and develop their skills to create better crafts, particularly for logo design. It involves wide topics such as typography, popular and appealing colors, and layouts used when designing a logo. The highlight of this video is that it offers tips and techniques on how to become a better designer.

  1. Before & After: Logo Design Tips and Tricks

Another masterpiece by John McWade, this video lets you in on all the best tricks and techniques that you need to create an effective logo. This video is not only for the pros, but for all individuals who aspire to create excellent and unique logos. He discusses the power of simple words and shapes – referencing the best and iconic logos we know today.

  1. How To Make A Logo Using Illustrator by Kelvin Designs

This video discusses Adobe Illustrator as an essential tool for designers to create design, particularly logos. Author and host, Kelvin talks about how to create a typographical logo in illustrator. This tutorial is for everyone, even those who have never used illustrator before. Kelvin covers all the need-to-know basics of illustrator design.
  1. Sean Adams’ “Foundations of Branding for Designers”

This video is about integrating branding in your logo artworks. Sean Adams emphasizes on how your logo can communicate your message effectively to your clients and reach your target market as well. This video emphasizes importance of conducting research and understanding the elements of design to ensure effective branding and establish product identity.

  1. Bill Gardner’s LogoLounge: Symbolism in Nature

This video lesson on design highlights the importance of other elements of design such as patterns and symbolism as well as elements of nature and how they create impact on logo designs. In this video, designer and author Bill Gardner talks about how to use trees, water, earth, flower and other symbolic elements to create a logo design. Learn how people perceive designs and how these symbols affect them in a long run. This is a very helpful video for logo designers who want to incorporate a ‘breathe of fresh air’ in their designs.
  1. LogoLounge: Handmade Aesthetic in Logo Design

Who said all logos must have exact measurements and precise textures? Another supportive video from LogoLounge created by Bill Gardner speaks about embodying your personality into your logo design, and the message you want to convey. This video discusses how personality, imperfection and mixture of textures can create an effective brand and authenticity to your logo designs. In this video, Gardner discusses how to integrate free-form techniques in logo design. He also discusses the use of proper color, texture, typography and other elements to create new, unique, and compelling logo designs.
  1. Foundations of Graphic Design History

Author and designer Sean Adams discusses the foundation of graphic design – from its history, the important periods, and how they affect and make a difference in the foundation of our designs today. This video will take you back in time to track the development of designs as well as develop your vocabulary when it comes to visuals. This video also concentrates on the basic of design movements, the details and evolution of each phase, techniques and genres and how they come into existence today.

This will take you back to the Victorian era of designs, all the way to the industrial revolution of advertising, and the propagandas used during World War I and II. It also discusses the influential designs that have carried on and passed through decades of posters, magazines, film covers and other materials produced over the past decades.

Among the topics discussed in this video include the history of graphic design, the Nouveau Art, different revolutions, European avante-garde, the history of typography, American art modernism, post-war and post-modernism art, the graphic design of modernism and minimalism.

  1. Logo Design Techniques with Nigel French

This video lesson is about creating your own logo identity using different design components and techniques. Its author, Nigel French analyses the components of the most successful logos we have today – the like of Nike with its simple check whish and the white ribbon of Coca-Cola.

Among the highlights of this video include the ideas for logo design, the principles of minimalism and readability of designs, the use of appropriate typeface and typesets, the use of simple shapes, texture, colors and the importance of negative space in a logo design.


While we’re on the topic of logo designs, did you know that Designs.net has over 2000 customizable logo designs to choose from?

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