50 Ways You Did Not To Think To Look For Inspiration


Ideas and inspirations are sometimes hard to come by; especially at the times you need them the most. Here are some places you did not think to look for inspiration and it is all within your reach!

  1. Visit art museums

Art museums are among the best places to find inspiration when it comes to design. There, you can find the best collection of art and designs from different times.

  1. Empowered employees

It might be unconventional to ask subordinates for inspiration and ideas, but if you empower them to take action, there is a chance that you will get the best ideas possible.

  1. Taking a long drive

Taking a long drive allows you to clear your mind and have a new perspective. The sceneries and people along the way are great sources of ideas for a new design.

  1. Go out for a jog

Just like driving, jogging early in the morning or during a cold late afternoon helps clear your mind.

  1. Go shopping

The grocery store and supermarket offers numerous design inspirations believe it or not. There, you can find better color combination, font styles, language and even cool and funny slogans.

  1. Finding the right metaphor

There are numerous activities that you can associate the right metaphor with. Medicine, hospitals, and other institutions can be associated with better designs using smarter metaphors.

  1. Freak yourself out

Although some people find ideas during calming days, there are people who find solutions and ideas only when they freak themselves out.

  1. Youtube

Seeking the help of YouTube for inspiration is one of the easiest ways. Since YouTube is a very wide social media used by many, it offers endless ideas for design.

  1. Soovle.com

Soovle.com is one of the fastest methods to generate ideas based on keywords. It can generate keywords from the following search engines:

  • Google.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Bing.com
  • YouTube.com
  • Answers.com
  • Wikipedia.com
  1. Facebook

It is one of the most powerful social medias today. Here, you can follow interesting pages and sites where you can generate endless ideas.

  1. Twitter

Although texts are limited, following the right person with similar interests as you can provide inspiration and ideas for your next designs.

  1. LinkedIn

This is a professional network where you can link with people of your common interest. Most ideas that you can generate here are corporate ideas and campaigns.

  1. Yahoo Answers

This may be one of the best places to generate not only ideas but answers to your questions. Simply type in the question you have in mind and people will rescue you by providing you with answers.

  1. Pinterest

Another powerful and widely used social media is Pinterest. Here, you can access the widest collection of pins and photos from different people around the world that can truly trigger your inspiration.

  1. Forums

Joining forums and online discussions are a great way to have fresh ideas to start with. The good thing about forums is that the topics are filtered and the people who participate are those who are really interested on the topic.

  1. Bookstores

There is no other better way to access specific information than through a published book.

  1. iDesign

It allows you to get professional designs and inspirations from numerous designers across different platforms.

  1. Moodboard

We understand that inspiration can strike unexpectedly like a mood swing. This is why this app was created. You can install it on your phone and consult any design ideas needed.

19.  OmniGraffle

This is a tool that you can install on your smartphone or tablet and draft your graphic projects whenever inspiration strikes.

20.  myPANTONE

This is an app accessible through your phone. After installing it, you can consult any time of day.

  1. Design Sponge

Design sponge is one of the best places where you can find great design inspiration.

  1. Oh So Beautiful Paper

Find color inspiration on this website.

  1. Notcot

This is about digital technology design and how science and design meet in one place.

  1. Pitch Design Union

This discusses book picture designs, signage, book covers, logos and typography.

  1. Share Some Candy

This blog is about colors and the best combination you can use.

  1. Sight Unseen

If you are trying to find ideas about anything fancy and unique, this is the best website for you.

  1. The Fancy

This offers moving designs and fancy idea inspiration.

  1. The Visual Dictionary

This is basically a collection of words in the real world.

  1. Yewknee

This is a website about design concepts, documentary, music, and other forms of art.

  1. Aisleone

This website discusses the best designs there are in the market today.

  1. Beast Pieces

If you are looking for ideas about letter press inspirations, you can find it here.

  1. Bench.li

This is about letters and typography inspiration.

  1. DesignWorkLife

All types of designs, from contemporary to modern designs, layout, and material design inspiration can be found here.

  1. Designer Daily, Product design

Here, you can find graphic design and website design inspiration.

  1. For Print Only (FPO)

On this website, you can find inspiration to make visual identity of your own design.

  1. Identity Designed

If you want some inspiration on how to make your design stand out from the rest, this is the best website to visit.

  1. ISO50

This website offers great ideas about color scheme and combination.

  1. Lovely Package

For design package inspirations, Lovely Package is a great find.

  1. Lovely Stationery

This is another personal website blog where you can find the best ideas about paper designs.

  1. Packaging UQAM

This is another place where you can find great inspiration and ideas about packaging and product presentation.

  1. The Dieline

If you want new ideas about branding and product identity, this website is great for you.

  1. The New Graphic

This is a website where you can find ideas about how innovative graphics are today.

  1. Art of the Menu

This is where you can find art in general – from typefaces to business cards and layout designs.

  1. Book Cover Archive

If you are looking for book cover inspirations, book cover archive offers the widest collection of book cover ideas.

  1. Fonts in Use

This is the best website to consult if you are looking for more ideas and great font combinations to use in any media.

  1. Fontseek

Here, you can find all the possible (new and old) fonts that have and haven’t been used before.

  1. Friends of Type

This website is about fonts in general and the designs you need for your next project.

  1. Specimenism

This is another blog about fonts and the best combination of characters you need to get inspired.

  1. Type Everything

This is a website about font styles, lettering, and typefaces. It also contains reviews and blogs written by numerous designers.

  1. Type for you

This blog and website is a great source of idea for designers who are struggling with font ideas.


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