How Can I Land My Dream Design Job With A Polished Resume?

Whether you have just graduated from a prestigious university/college or just resigned from your mind-boggling job, your main objective now is to get a new job. How can you achieve that dream job with a one-page dull resume in hand? Well, the secret to landing your dream job is to have a handsome and compelling resume. I don’t mean have a colorful page as your resume, but a succinct, timely, and keyword-enriched resume – just how companies’ hiring managers want it to be.

Just like any other job seeker, designers need a CV too. The only difference is designers need more of a portfolio than a regular CV. Designers need to showcase a visual of their accomplishments and skills in order to stand out for employers looking to hire designers.

Here’s a list of tips and websites that designers can refer to when recreating your resume in order make it more attractive and appealing to hiring managers. Check this out!

Online Resume Services

These are online services composed of professional writers who specialize in resume writing. Among them are Live Career, Career Perfect and Resume Builder

Live Career


Live Career is a professional website that helps job seekers find the most suitable job based on their skills and experiences by helping them create a professional-looking resume. They offer services like editing and creating resumes from scratch. They also offer tips on how to make a compelling resume. According to their experts, your resume should professional, easy to read, and have a specific purpose. Your resume should also be keyword-enriched. Keywords are important as it brings you closer to job postings on the Internet that are in line with the requirements and skills that you have.

Career Perfect


This website provides resume writing services. Experts and professionals assist you in writing your resume to guarantee that it will not miss the desk of the company you are trying to get into. They deliver impressive resumes on time, with appropriate and strategic keywords necessary for your online applications.

Resume Builder


Increasing your chances of getting a job starts with a great resume. With Resume Builder, you get to choose the design used by resume experts to write your resume and it will be delivered to you within 10 minutes.

Tips To Get Your Resumes Noticed By Employers



If you are writing your own resume, make sure that you include the right elements and deliver them accordingly.

Here are a few resume tips from Biginterview.

  • Your resume should grab the hiring manager’s attention by featuring a positive vibe right at the start supported by more relevant details.
  • Summary of qualifications. Have short but compelling statements that summarize your qualifications. This allows potential employers to see the highlights of your career.
  • Customized resume. Make it personal. Do not use general templates because there is no such thing as a one-design-fits-all resume.
  • Short but succinct. Don’t make it too lengthy if not necessary. Three pages will do. Lose the unnecessary details like objectives and references.
  • Do spellcheck. Make sure that your resume is free from any error.

Hongkiat: 7 Ways Get Noticed


Your resume should help you stand out from the rest of the applicants. The following are some helpful tips:

  • Don’t be cliché. Hiring managers and interviewers are sick of common words like ‘developed’, ‘responsible for’, ‘successful’ when describing previous job qualifications. So, you have to go against the norm. Use powerful verbs instead.
  • Showcase your skills. If you are good in planning and management, show it on your resume and tie it in with the job you are aiming for.
  • Keep it short and clean. HR personnel should be able to grasp the message of your entire resume by looking at it within 20 seconds.
  • Summarize everything. Write a summary of your skills that attracts the attention of HR personnel.
  • Quantity vs Quality. It is better to quantify your achievements by stating the exact number like ‘Led 5 successful call center projects.’
  • Keywords enrich. Resumes submitted online need to have the appropriate keywords to target possible and suitable job matches.

Tips on Writing A Great Resume


The Interview Guys: Writing a Killer Resume

The key to writing a killer is to make it stand out by using the right keywords, language and stating the relevant skills and experiences that leave optimistic recall on HR managers. You also have to be straightforward about your objectives in your resume by clearly stating the position you are interested in and summarizing your skills and experiences that contribute to your objectives for your career path.

The Power of Keywords

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Top 100 Best Words for Resume

Your resume should be filled with the most suitable and powerful keywords, as it will bring you one step closer to your target jobs.

Check out websites like Top 100 Best Words for Resume to help you find suitable words to use on your resume.

Resume Do’s and Don’ts


Resume Mistakes To Avoid

HR personnel frown at careless applicants who do not ensure quality on their resume. Remember, you need to make a positive first impression and that begins with this piece of paper. Ensure that your resume is free of error – factual, spelling and grammar.

Another mistake that applicants commonly miscalculate is the importance of specifics in their resumes. Employers prefer to see details like the quantity of your achievements. With that said, you don’t have to include all your achievements but highlight your key skills as an employee. It is also important to prioritize the customization of your resume. Resumes are all about presenting yourself in the best light, and you want to make a unique and positive first impression.

Ensure that your resume is not too long as to bore the HR as well as not too short that it lacks essential details. It has to be specific and precise – from the objectives to the list of skills and experiences. When expressing your experiences, use powerful action verbs to define what you have done. Lastly, provide accurate information – from contact numbers to past job experiences.

Things You Should Never Put in Your Resume

Not everything needs to be included in your resume; for example, your personal life experiences and hobbies. It is also unnecessary to include too much text as it may bore the HR personnel. Also, exclude references – they will ask for one if needed. Always keep in mind not to use personal pronouns and present tense when referring to your previous jobs.

Use professional emails instead of your personal one. Do not overwrite obvious words like ‘phone’ ‘email’, etc. as it is unnecessary. Avoid using jargon, outdated and fancy fonts, annoying buzzwords or keywords, personal photos, and other unnecessary personal details.


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