10 Instagrammers to Follow for Design Inspiration


Typical… You’re trying to come up with a great idea for your next design project but you have been doing it for hours and your mind seems to be blank. So, what do you do next? You would probably take a break and grab your phone to start scrolling through your social media, trying to find inspiration through those memes or funny videos your friends are sharing. I know, I’ve been there too.

Well, I know a way you could make better use of your breaks by following the next 10 amazing instagrammers and designers. You won’t only enjoy their pictures and videos, your imagination will take off as great ideas fill your mind as you are scrolling.

1. Steven Harrington

From Los Angeles, California, this designer and artist will make your imagination wander with his psychedelic and colorful elements and peculiar characters in skateboards, watches, books, pillowcases, etc. 

Una foto publicada por Steven Harrington (@s_harrington) el

2. David Milan

Because everybody loves fonts, this Spanish designer showcases his awesome creations on Instagram, perfect to get inspiration to continue to design your logo whether it’s for your company or a freelance job.

Una foto publicada por David Milan (@mdemilan) el

3. Dschwen

Dschwen is a creative studio in Minneapolis founded by artist David Schwen, if you’re looking for colorful, simple but impactful, you should definitely take a look into Dschwen Instagram account.

Un vídeo publicado por Dschwen LLC (@dschwen) el

4. Christoph Niemann

If a touch of humor is what you want for your next project, Christoph Niemann should be your first option. This talented artist, illustrator and author will help you think outside of the box and boost your imagination.

Una foto publicada por Christoph Niemann (@abstractsunday) el

5. Faile Art

Interested in street art? You have to follow Faile Art! This little art studio in Brooklyn, New York is a great source of inspiration for you. Let your ideas flow through the wheatpasting and stenciling on these talented artists’ work.

6. Neil A Stevens

With an interesting choice of colors and particular illustration style, Neil Stevens brings a whole new perspective to your Instagram feed and your imagination. Check out this creative illustrator and graphic artist – he also has an online print shop!

Una foto publicada por Neil_A_Stevens (@neil_a_stevens) el

7. Jessica Walsh

As one of the most recognized creative designers under 30, Jessica Walsh will catch your eye with the vibrant colors and shapes from her photos and designs. Jessica is also a good choice if you’re into fashion and traveling.

Una foto publicada por Jessica Walsh (@jessicavwalsh) el

8. Jessica Colaluca

Looking for color pallette inspiration? You should be following this designer right now! Jessica is obsessed with colors, flowers, crops, produce and the countryside. She created this awesome profile where she shares the color pallette of different photos provided by contributors from all around the world using the hashtag #SeedsColor. How cool is that?

9. Biafra Inc

Biafra Inc is a street artist based in Twin Cities. He’s very dynamic as he uses different techniques; from spray painting, to stencils, stickers, posters and even screen printing. If you’re looking for something not so tidy and conventional, take a look at his work!

Una foto publicada por Biafra Inc. (@biafrainc) el

10. I have this thing with floors

Not really a designer but need a great source of inspiration? Let me tell you this creative friends, I have this thing with floors is a contributor-based Instagram profile that showcases floors from places all around the world. The variety consists of all sorts of styles and colors. Trying to come up with a cool pattern? Maybe this will give you some ideas!


There’s a lot of artists sharing their work out there especially on Instagram. We picked the 10 that we thought were great, but do not limit your selves as there are still a million inspirational people you could draw ideas from that fit your needs and style better. 

As you can see, Internet and social media are not always a waste of time and a distraction. You can easily use your leisure time to nurture your imagination and get inspired by other creative beings. Until next time! Stay creative 😉