Follow The Law: Learn How To License Images The Right Way!

The stock content industry has been growing over the past few years. Companies such as 123RF are among one of the leading global provider of content. 123RF is updated with over 60,000 fresh content daily which gives photographers, illustrators, designers, videographers and audio artists the opportunity to upload and display their creative productions; promoting them to a worldwide audience. The biggest sales come from stock photos, but what are stock photos and how does the stock content market function?

Here is a simple video about what exactly are stock photos and how you can benefit from them.

Image licensing is perceived to be very complicated and hard to understand. However, we have a video that you might find very beneficial as it illustrates exactly how image licensing works so you can avoid getting in trouble with the law.

123RF is a royalty-free digital library with affordable stock photographs and vector illustrations. If you are looking to purchase some royalty-free images legally, this video will be of great assistance to you.