20 Inspiring Video Ideas You Should Try Out

20 Inspiring Video Ideas For You To Try Out

The use of social media and networking sites such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter has now become a fundamental part of our daily lives. It becomes the most important and go-to platform for people to get information and interact with each other. As a result, demand for engaging and easier digestible video ideas and content is blowing up.

The average of video views per day is more than a billion on YouTube, solely! That’s a huge amount of time being spent on videos, not to mention if we include statistics from other social media as well. And here comes the important question, how to get your videomaking journey started? What content to make? No worries, we’ve compiled a list of 25 video ideas with video samples to kickstart your journey today!

Fitness/Health video ideas

People nowadays are becoming more health-conscious. Thus, resulting in a rising demand for more pieces of information that could help them address both health and sustainability concerns. Creating videos is a great opportunity to deliver your professional knowledge and to share your personal fitness experience.

#1: Share a meal plan.

Sounds easy? It can be a real nightmare when it comes to choosing the right meal plan for everyone. To gain trust and build a long-lasting relationship with your audience, sharing a meal plan that you have already tried can be more convincing and engaging. 

You can start with sharing a 7-day, 14-day, or specific diet plan based on different occasions. Tell your experience and describe how you physically and mentally feel. Also, add some value to your videos by explaining the nutrition facts or health impacts of the meal plans. 

#2: Q&A (Question and answer).

Some people blindly follow random fitness tips that sound advantageous or effective, without acknowledging different body types could have a different effect. Or, develop workout or eating habits that are not only ineffective but also harmful to our own bodies in the long run. 

Collect frequently asked questions and false beliefs regarding fitness, health, and personal care. Try to answer and correct them with factual evidence or professional knowledge sharing. You can also share your personal experience, and make the right suggestions for your viewers based on their body types or age range.

#3: Yoga videos.

If you’re a yoga enthusiast or expert, try creating video content about it! Simply share your daily yoga flow, strike your favorite yoga poses, or even share what’re the songs on your yoga music playlist.

Try educational videos to teach your viewers different yoga poses, the benefits of practicing yoga, or the philosophy of yoga. You can also brainstorm some yoga challenges to engage with your audience, or suggest some yoga routines based on difficulty levels.

#4: Daily routine.

Viewers can easily resonate with a light and easy video idea like a morning routine sharing. Share your daily routines for different parts of a day, seasons, or even days in a week as we simultaneously play different roles in life. 

You can also start a  7-day, 14-day, or even a monthly routine challenge with your viewers. Create hashtags and get viewers to check in their daily progress with you, which also helps to spread your content to a larger audience base.

#5: Before and after journal.

Striving for a target body shape or developing a good health habit can be a big challenge for everyone. Create a motivational video journal to record the whole progress of a workout challenge and share the achievements with your audience. This makes your words sound more trustable when it comes to making suggestions and future content for your viewers.

Educational video ideas

If you are a non-governmental organization (NGO), education institution, or somebody who just loves talking intricacies about education-related and informational topics, why not share your thoughts and knowledge that could benefit everyone? 

#6: Explain complicated or trending concepts.

It’s not surprising that most people can’t fully comprehend a concept unless there’s someone to explain or demonstrate it in an easier and simpler way. Video can be an effective communication tool to help educate your viewers.

You can create step-by-step explanation videos to help the viewers visualize the whole concept. Starts with an overall clear definition, then a simple and comprehensive train of thoughts and steps with examples given.

#7: Share some fun or weird facts.

Get yourself an interesting factoid and develop your video creations around it. You can even make it into a series to boost audience loyalty. That’s how your audiences get attracted when some channels go so in-depth on things they don’t know. 

#8: Deep dive on movies, TV series, and music videos.

It’s not surprising that more video creators are doing music video or movie theory analysis, but not everyone is able to come up with logical yet informative insights. If you’re an enthusiast with detailed and detective-minded, just give this video idea a go! 

#9: Short subject documentary.

This idea is perfectly ideal for all regardless of what field you come from. Find a key figure in your field, and dissect their life, career, works, and any special incident. For instance, if you’re in the field of filmmaking and communication, maybe discuss one actress with certain achievements and why she was so great. 

Or, if you’re in the field of aerospace studies, explain how it’s all started and discuss accomplishments and interesting findings yet to be confirmed. Showing your understanding and unique perspective will definitely make the documentary more lively! 

#10: Interactive online video quiz.

If you’re an educational content creator, you might find it hard to stay interactive with your viewers other than general discussions. Try to make an online video quiz and get your viewers to attempt it! It gives a more living and interactive experience to your viewers, instead of a boring lecture or a dull document to study.

Cooking/Food video ideas

Hungry to feed those foodie enthusiasts and cooking beginners? Turn your channel into a tasty destination flooded by foodies. 

#11: Cuisine of different nations. 

What are the most iconic foods around the world? How can a dish be so representative of a nation? What are the differences and fun facts of these foods? Make a video to tell interesting food stories and facts in different nations. Nobody can resist mouthwatering videos with delicious foods and fun facts!

#12. Food products review. 

Pick similar products of different brands and try them out. You can comment on the products and make a comparison, or even rank them! The key for this video idea is to hunt and review trending foods that viewers are interested in, you might need to spend some time doing research or grocery shopping.

#13. Cooking/ food trivia.

None of us don’t love quizzes and trivia. So, why not make all these fun questions into one video? The questions can be anything: famous recipes, bizarre food, sauces, and cooking terms. 

#14. Cooking lessons and tricks. 

What is the fastest way to unfreeze meat? What is the best temperature to cook a Japanese omelet? Create beginner-friendly cooking videos with clear steps or tips and tricks, so viewers could easily follow and start their cooking journey. You can also make and share your own recipes!

#15: Recreate meals from cartoons or anime.

I bet there’s a lot of anime or cartoon lovers out there! And who doesn’t enjoy seeing a virtual imagination come into real life? Even if you failed to attempt some dishes, it’d be entertaining for viewers to watch the process of how dreams become a reality!

Here are some cooking ideas for you: Dango from Naruto, Katsudon from Yuri on Ice, Tiana’s gumbo from The Princess and the Frog, and many more. 

Commerce/Business video ideas

Video holds a lot of potential for engagement and interaction with audiences (and potential customers). It’s undeniable that video is one of the best visual marketing tools that could bring your business more versatility and exposure.

#16: Tell your business story.

What inspired you to start your business? What has your business come through to achieve 100K of Instagram followers? Cleverly share the story of your journey through video. Audiences love watching business content with their involvement. So, make it more engaging!

#17: Office tour.

People enjoy seeing interior design inspiring their aesthetics, especially those of the creative industry. Create a video to show a quick office tour and how’s everyone working together in the environment. This will make your viewers be more familiar with your surroundings and feel closer to you.

#18: Product display ads.

Videos can be the best visual communication tool when it comes to showcasing your product and visualizing its features! Try to highlight each product feature with a clear demonstration of how to use it, so the viewers can better understand your product.

You might not have enough budget for hiring professionals to do your product or commercial advertisement. But no worries, there’re some editing and marketing tools out there available at a reasonable price for businesses with a tight budget, such as Designs.ai

#19: Challenge video.

A challenge video always catches the most attention of audiences. The difficulty to implement this video idea is to strike the right balance between being interesting and challenging, yet relevant and informative to your business nature. For example, if you own a cafe that specializes in Italian cuisine, kick off a $7 Pasta Challenge or Italian 3-Course Dinner In 20 Minutes Challenge. The outcomes can be unpredictably awesome, and it is undeniable fun to create one!

#20: Let audiences decide your day!

It sounds impossible, but it can be very fun! Conduct a public poll on social media to decide a special workday for everyone in the company. It can be anything, what lunch to have, which playlist to listen to, who clean up the space, what team-building game to play etc. Cleverly expose your business and entertain your audience in a more creative way. 

Final thoughts …

These 20 video ideas are mostly suitable for everyone, even a beginner with no experience to start a video journey! You can always take these basic ideas as a foundation to brainstorm more specific content that best suits your audience and channels. 

Get inspired? Not sure how to start without any video-editing skill? Try Videomaker for free, and get your stunning videos ready to share with the world! You can also check out more video tips from us, and happy videomaking!


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