3 Popular Design Trends To Get You Started On Your Design Journey

3 Popular Design Trends To Get You Started On Your Design Journey

If you are just starting out your journey as a Designpreneur (Designer + Entrepreneur), this article is directed at you! We understand how hard it is to read the minds of our users; they consist of startup businesses of every kind and even working adults as well as students. We are here to contribute some Designs.ai secrets and help you out with what to design, sell, and why!

1. Script Typefaces

While we thought cursive writing was a trend of the past; its vintage style has now come back into trend. If you have not been paying attention, you might have missed the fact that calligraphy is everywhere nowadays. There are even startups that teach calligraphy classes and believe it or not, these workshops have been very successful of late. Imagine if you could design your very own script typeface; you already have an audience you could sell these fonts to. Who knows, maybe even your current handwriting could be turned into a retro or vintage typeface. Here are some examples of popular script typefaces on Designs.ai right now:

Font types by Designs.ai. (Source: Font Pairer)

2. Social Media Templates

Since the introduction of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter into the world, social media has kept growing and it looks like it has zero intention of going away anytime soon. Social media is where it’s at. So it comes as no surprise that social media templates are one of our bestsellers as well. Every business; big or small, is utilizing social media now. So why not take advantage of this ongoing phenomenon and design social media templates. Here are some examples you can use for reference:

Social media templates by Designs.ai. (Source: Designmaker)

3. Resume Templates

With the economy’s stability in question, securing a job has never been more important. In order to secure a job, you need a good resume. The secret to landing your dream job is to have a stunning and compelling resume; I don’t mean have a colorful page as your resume, but a succinct, timely, and keyword-enriched resume – just how companies’ hiring managers want it to be. Many people struggle with designing a simple but powerful resume. That’s where Designs.ai comes in! We’re here to help you design the perfect resume to achieve your dream. Here are some examples of favorite resume templates on Designs.ai:

Resume templates by Designs.ai. (Source: Designmaker)


Designs.ai is an online creative platform that aims to make designs accessible for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start creating your designs and have fun today! Designs.ai is here to support and accompany you during your creative journey.


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