Design Your Display Ads in the Best Ways Possible

What are the ideal visuals for display ads to be effective?

As a marketer, you may already grasp the idea of how display advertising can play a major role in increasing your product’s sales revenue. Not only that, the way you market your products can determine whether or not your brand awareness can be amplified among your target audiences. 

Be it for sales promotions, or new product launches, how you design your display ads is crucial in ensuring that your marketing objectives can be achieved. This of course includes your font selections, color combinations, visual designs, and also your text placements. Though these design elements may seem daunting at first, fret not – we already scoured the web for the best tips in designing the most captivating display ads for your products.

1. Keep it simple

Example of simple display ads.
An example of a simple display ad. 

Any good advertisements are more likely to communicate their message to the audience if they remain minimal. Too much text would induce confusion and would look unappealing – many studies have shown that people tend to remember simple, single messages in ads. Therefore, a whole paragraph of text will repel your target audience away for sure.

Needless to say, keeping things straightforward and uncomplicated (for both your ad’s design and text) would make it easily understood by people. One way to go about this is to break down your product’s benefits or features into a general idea and try to communicate it using eye-catching visuals.

2. Show it, not say it

Example of visual-centered display ads.
An example of a visual-centered display ad. 

One foolproof way to a great product ad would be to choose the right visual. As mentioned before, long texts about just how great your product is can be taxing for your audience to read. To avoid this buzzkill, try to never explain (or tell) the benefits but show them instead. Think of the best visual that would communicate your product’s values instantly. Keep in mind that thousands of other brands may offer the same products or services as you do – but what makes your product different? What features can you show off and exaggerate?

3. Use colors with intentions 

Colorful poster designs.
Colorful posters.

Of course, color can be a very powerful tool in communicating your product’s values to your customers. It is a well-known fact that different hues or shades can evoke certain emotions within the viewers. Colors are extremely useful when you want to set the mood of your display ad. Repeatedly using the same shades in your advertisement (thus using color as a motif) can also leave a lasting impression to the audience. 

You may want to experiment and intentionally use colors in the “wrong” way to emphasize what your products can do. Though using colors ‘incorrectly’ can be tricky, this approach can convey a strong statement as it can be very jarring to look at – thus capturing the attention of many people. Whatever it is you decide to use color for, make sure to do so with intention and purpose. 

4. Balance it out 

Example of negative space design in display ads.
Negative space design in an ad. 

Contradictorily to its name, a negative space can have a positive impact on your product ad design.  By definition, it is basically the area surrounding the main image or visual. Though utilizing this space can be complicated, you can create your own negative space designs by playing around with two contrasting colors that can bring out different images when arranged cleverly. 

To start off, break down your product’s ideas into the most basic concept and think about shapes that can represent them. Once you pass this difficult stage, your designing process will (hopefully) be smooth-sailing from then on.

5. Be selective about fonts 

Fonts used in display ads.
Fonts used in adverts.

Typography is without a doubt one of the most crucial design elements in any advertisement. It can add a personal touch to the message you are trying to communicate to the audience, or it can make your product ad stand out from the crowd. You may even consider producing your own typeface; be it handwritten or a rendition from existing fonts. But, if that’s too complicated for you, not to worry! All you need to focus on is thinking of the perfect font combinations that will capture the attention of the viewers. Remember to keep it minimal and avoid using too many! 

6. Placement matters! 

Retro display ads with hierarchical text.
Retro ad with hierarchical text. 

A key tip in designing a memorable display ad for your product would be to include a clear-cut hierarchy. Hierarchy in this context would mean organizing the narrative elements in your ad in a way that can be easily understood by your audience. You have to make sure that the important details of your product managed to stand out without overshadowing the other featured elements. This can be done by enlarging certain sentences or words that you deem most important for your target demographic or arranging them in a pyramidal composition. 

7. Know your audience

Know your audience better.

Any marketing strategies would be redundant if no target audience was identified beforehand. Therefore, the same goes for ad designing; it is incredibly important for you as the marketer to predict how your ad would be received by the demographic you had targeted. Deepen your research about said audience and ensure that the fonts, colors, and visuals you chose to appeal to their tastes. 

For instance, if you are targeting millennials, you may want to know the current online trends and incorporate them into your ad. Find out the most well-used color palettes or the current internet slang that they use. As millennials’ lifestyles are often intertwined with the internet culture, it would help boost your ad’s success a lot if you are in tune with their tastes. 


Product ads or display ads templates available in Designmaker.
Product ads templates.  (Souce: | Designmaker)

Of course, a quick alternative to ad designs would be to use the premium selections of product ad templates we offer on Designmaker. On this creative site, we took out the hard work of figuring out the designs for you so you can avoid starting from scratch! All you need to do is adjust, customize and edit these templates to fit your brand identity and product values. We also provide a wide range of tools to accommodate your designing process, such as background remover (for photos), filters, graphic elements, and much more!

Product ads or display ads templates available in Designmaker.
Product ads templates.  (Souce: | Designmaker)

Congratulations! You are now well-prepared to design just about any display ads for your marketing needs. Since you already have the basics, rest assured that any product launches that come in your way would be able to enthrall your audiences. Don’t forget; a good product advert would also amplify your brand awareness. You can also utilize the selections of free templates on Designmaker to customize your ads’ size to fit just about any social media channel.  


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