Grow Your Podcast Audience With These 5 Simple Steps - Grow Your Podcast Audience With These 5 Simple Steps

Whether you realize it or not, podcasting has become a great tool for marketers to communicate their brand to an audience. It helps people to connect with the brand while also having the freedom to do basically anything while listening to them, allowing listeners to multitask. 

In 2018 alone, there were an estimated 48 million podcast listeners, and this number was predicted to double by this year. Whereas the number of content creators in this platform continues to grow year by year; for instance, last year there were nearly 700,000 shows with a total of 28 million episodes. It has also been reported that more than half of the population worldwide had listened to podcasts at least once. This trend of listening to podcasts is expected to boom along with the increasing popularity of smart technology. - Grow Your Podcast Audience With These 5 Simple Steps

What makes podcasts so great though, is that many businesses are yet to realize its hidden potential. As it is the ultimate combination of information, engaging banters, and entertainment, it is actually an effective tool for marketers to promote their products. It can provide great traffic to your business while also ensuring low competition for your products to be advertised. 

However, a clear action plan needs to be jot down for any marketers that are considering podcasts to be an added medium for their content marketing. With that being said, here’s a quick how-to on how you can grow your podcast audience while also retaining your existing listeners

1. Engage your audience.

Grow Your Podcast Audience With These 5 Simple Steps - 1. Engage your audience

You might think podcasts can be much less engaging compared to other forms of content marketing. However, just like radio broadcasters, you can ask your listeners to submit questions, catch-phrases or even short stories of their own to be featured in your episodes. One way to do this is to make sure you’re reachable; it can be through Twitter, Instagram comments, or even Facebook. The simplest and most common approach is to make sure your email is available on all of your social media profiles. 

Another pro tip is to take note of the frequent submitters and give them a shoutout in your podcast – this is to let them know that any loyal listeners are seen and appreciated. Also, be sure to have a schedule and be consistent with how you want to interact with your audience. This way, your listeners will fall into a routine and know what to expect for each podcast episode. 

2. Promote your podcast on social media.

Grow Your Podcast Audience With These 5 Simple Steps - 2. Promote your podcast on social media

Simply hoping that your content’s quality would make your podcast listeners skyrocketed would not be enough, I’m afraid! You would also need to actively promote your podcast on various social media platforms to be noticed. It can be by posting a behind-the-scenes picture of you recording, or announcing your next episode via Instagram stories, or putting up the link on all your profiles, or even promoting it on your Youtube videos’ end card (if you are also a Youtuber, that is). 

You can be as creative as you want, as long as it’ll raise people’s attention on your podcast episodes. Be sure to let all your followers and subscribers know about this amazing content that you had worked so hard for. It might take some time before your audience number is boosted, but don’t give up! Keep on persevering and good results will (hopefully) show soon enough.

You can also check out some stunning customizable templates by Designmaker, making your social media posting on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms more effective and effortlessly.

3. Podcast cover art matters!

Grow Your Podcast Audience With These 5 Simple Steps - 3. Choose the right podcast cover art

Much like anything else, people always tend to judge something from the first impression. Hence, no matter how good how each episode is crafted, it is less likely to generate high traffic if coupled with a badly designed cover art. 

To be able to stand out from your competitors, you’ll have to think of something that would keep your target audience from scrolling past your podcast. A well-designed podcast cover art would be able to not only captivate your listeners, but also give them an idea of what your podcast is about. 

Podcast cover templates by (Source: Designmaker)

But how to begin, you might ask? You can simply head over to  Designmaker and pick one of our ready-made podcast templates to start creating the perfect thumbnail. Make sure to narrow down your audience segments and design the thumbnail accordingly. Let’s say you noticed the majority of your listeners are women in their early 20s – find out what are the current visual trends enjoyed by said demographic and incorporate them into your podcast thumbnail. Here are some quick tips in designing your cover art;

  • Make sure your podcast covers are within the right dimension  required by the platform you’d like to upload them on
  • Choose a relevant style for your cover art
  • Pick contrasting colors 
  • Select fonts that convey your content (but not too many!)
  • Keep it simple and avoid common visuals
  • Make sure it resonates with your brand identity

4. Create Youtube videos about your podcast.

Create videos about your podcast

Though it is not mandatory, but promoting your podcast using Youtube (ie. the second most used social media platform and second-largest search engine) can also be an out-of-the-box marketing strategy that may just work. The video content is not limited to only talking about your podcast; you can even sing, rap, or vlog about your podcast. 

The easiest way, however, is to set up a camera and film while you record your podcast. This can especially be engaging and fun to watch if you do your podcasts in groups of people (be it with other podcasters or just goofing around with your friends). Choosing the funny behind-the-scenes tidbit and compiling them into one Youtube video can also be one of the ways to market your podcast and attract new listeners. Read this article to learn how to build your own YouTube channel.

5. Get interviewed on other podcasts.

Collaborate with other podcasters

Of course, what better way to get recognition than to be on other podcasts? It might take some time to be the “featured guest” of a well-known podcaster, but everyone has to work their way up, right? For now, try targeting other podcasts that have about the same amount of listeners as yours do. Once you’re familiar with the community of podcasters you find yourself in, slowly climb your way up. Below are the usual approach that you might want to take when asking for a collaboration;

  1. Jot down all the podcasts that you want to be featured in (be sure to list their contact information too).
  2. Deliver an intriguing but brief email pitch that is sure to catch their attention while also being authentic to your content. 
  3. Keep track of your pitches and write follow-up emails. 

Need some voiceovers for your podcast?

If you strive for a polished, professional intro and outro, what could the solution be? Voiceovers, of course! Even if it is for a comedy skit within your episode or for a short narration, voiceovers can be an important tool to make a good impression on your audience. But if hiring voice talent is too burdensome for your budget, you can head over to Speechmaker and have your own voiceovers generated for you instantaneously. 

Not only can you choose from 20 global languages, but you can also write and upload your own script and let our A.I.-generated platform do the rest. There are over 50 natural-sounding voiceovers with various accents too all available for you to select and download in mp3. The best part is, all these are free to use! This would undoubtedly give your podcast a more sophisticated look, while also securing your spot as a credible source of information. 


Now, you are ready to embark on your journey to market your podcast! Though all these strategies mentioned above may seem daunting or overwhelming, please remember to start small, take your time and do them one by one. Also, keep in mind that the guide provided in this article is not definitive, and that you can find other and more creative ways to ensure your podcast audience would grow.  

One important thing is to draw out your own personal action plan that is clear and concise. It is undeniable that the right marketing strategies can play a vital role in building and establishing your presence in the podcast realm. So, keep on trying and don’t give up!


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