How to organize your assets in Designmaker?

Follow these steps to organize assets in Designmaker:

  1. Go to “Designmaker”
  2. Select “Folders” on the left-hand panel
  3. You will see both “Photo Folders” and “Design Folders” sections:
    • Photo Folder – All your image uploads will be here!
    • Design Folder – All your designs in Designmaker will be saved here!
  4. Click “Create new” on top right corner to add new folders
  5. Click “…” on the right corner of selected folder to share, rename or delete
  6. Or, organize your assets in a folder with buttons on the top right corner:
    • Upload – Upload new assets to cloud storage in
    • Download – Download all or selected assets with just a click
    • Share – Send invitation to view or edit via email address