The 16 MBTI Personality Types in Quarantine

The 16 MBTI Personalities in Quarantine

The 16 MBTI Personalities in Quarantine. (Graphics from Graphicmaker)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a common test used by psychologists, employers, guidance counselors, and individuals to better understand human personalities. They indicate differing psychological inclinations in how people perceive themselves, view the world, and make decisions. 

This article details how the 16 different MBTI personality types act in quarantine.


THE ANALYSTS | 16 Personalities amid Covid-19 | Analysts: Architect INTJ, Commander ENTJ, Logician INTP, Debater ENTP

Analysts: Architect, Commander, Logician, Debater. (Graphics from Graphicmaker)


INTJ (The Architect)
“Pandemic? I’ve got a plan for that.”

While you’re comfortable with all the newfound alone time, the slowdown of work and life in general is really starting to bug you. You’re used to things being fast-paced and within your control. Now, it’s time to revisit the drawing board for the nth time and come up with new plans to get through these challenging times. 

You’re likely drafting out ideas to maintain cash flow amidst the pandemic or reallocating budget. It calms you when you’re prepared for everything. If you’re an advanced planner, maybe you’ve already anticipated this pandemic months ahead, and have already laid out contingency plans. 

In your downtime, you enjoy curling up and reading all the books you’ve put off. It energizes you to learn new things. You might also be trying to learn a new language, skill or recipe through online courses. You balance this with checking up on the latest updates about the pandemic. Every new thing you learn contributes to your overall master plan. 


ENTJ (The Commander)
“I need control.”

Being the intense planner that you are, you hate how unpredictable these times are. You are constantly looking for new ways to exercise control in your life. Each morning, you start your day writing a to-do list of all the things you want to accomplish. You’ve also planned your weekly groceries, your meals, your evening and weekend activities — maybe not all on paper, but they’re definitely sorted out in your mind. 

As an ENTJ, you also love new challenges. Having a goal motivates you to get up in the morning. You will probably take this time to reassess your life and set new goals for yourself. 

You may also, at your leisure, check on COVID-19 developments and government plans. It’s also important to you that the people in charge have things under control. When not up to par, you have no problem tweeting or posting about your opinions online, and discussing with people what you’d do if you were in charge. 


INTP (The Logician)
“I think there’s a pattern here.”

Though, on the outside, you’re calm, your mind is bustling with ideas. You take pleasure in reading all the analyses about the pandemic, and though you don’t believe the conspiracy theories, you think they’re really entertaining. As an INTP, you love looking for patterns in the world around you. You have the unique ability to simplify complex thoughts and phenomena. 

While you prefer to think alone, you love letting people into your world. You probably post what you read online alongside relevant statistics and COVID-19 prevention tips. You probably also don’t get much sleep, and, when you do, your thoughts seep into your dreams. Being an introvert, time indoors doesn’t really bother you. But now that everyone’s inside as well, your mind is tempted to go outside. 

You’re great with coming up with ideas, but procrastination is your Achilles heel. You need to learn to put your plans into action, and actually do the things you need to do for the day. 


ENTP (The Debater)
“I’m so bored.”

As one of the most extroverted personality types, you hate all this time alone. You usually feed off the energy of the people around you, but now, with no one around, you feel a lot more lethargic and bored. 

You’ll probably be looking for more ways to find excitement in mundane things while in quarantine. Maybe you’ll start baking your own bread, cracking out that pasta recipe you’ve always wanted to learn, or going through old letters and knick knacks in your drawers. It helps to keep moving from one task to the next. 

While you personally hate this quarantine period, you understand why it’s important. You’ve read all the articles that talk about how it helps flatten the curve. You’re probably also well-versed in the number of cases per day, the latest community quarantine policies, and the actions of governments in other countries. 

It’s strange to you how other people just don’t get it. You’ll likely spend some free time arguing with people online to get them to understand the gravity of the situation. 


THE DIPLOMATS | The 16 MBTI Personalities in COVID-19 Quarantine | Diplomats: Advocate INFJ, Mediator INFP, Campaigner ENFP, Protagonist ENFJ

Diplomats: Advocate, Mediator, Campaigner, Protagonist. (Graphics from Graphicmaker)


INFJ (The Advocate)
“How do I stop my brain from overthinking?”

You’re a natural homebody so this quarantine period isn’t a big deal for you. It’s a good time to get some sleep, catch up on your shows, restart your skincare routine, and reflect on your life. What bothers you isn’t the time alone, it’s the uncertainty of everything going on. 

When left alone in these conditions, your mind often wanders off and thinks about worst case scenarios. You overthink even the smallest of things and make never-ending lists of what ifs and maybes. Sometimes it’s hard to balance between keeping up-to-date with the news and managing your anxiety. 

It helps you to keep distracted. You might pick up an instrument, read a book, or exercise. For others, it might help to take control of the situation and do what you can to help. This includes sharing updates online to keep friends and family aware, and maybe even stating your own donation drive. 


INFP (The Mediator)
“My quarantine started 2 years ago.”

As an INFP, you didn’t even notice the quarantine. To you, staying home is just like any other day. Everything about your home is prepared for this. Your fridge is stocked up with meals and snacks, your Netflix lined up with shows. For the first couple of days or weeks, you spend your time unwinding and taking that break you’ve long said you needed. You’re so used to lounging about at home that, now, it’s difficult to think of it as your workspace. 

You’ve got a long list of work tasks and personal projects that you want to start on, but you might struggle with avoiding distractions. You’ve probably said “I’ll do this after a nap” over a dozen times today. While working at home might be great in theory, it’s pretty challenging in practice. 

You’ll definitely also spend this time checking in on friends not used to your lifestyle. As one of the most empathetic personality types, you understand that staying indoors for long periods isn’t for everyone. 


ENFP (The Campaigner)
“What can I do to help?”

As an ENFP, you have the unique quality of unwavering optimism. Despite the waves of bad news, you believe we can flatten the curve, develop a vaccine, and persevere through these challenging times. This hopefulness motivates you to do your part in fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. You’ll likely be sending quarantine reminders to friends and family, and constantly posting updates about COVID-19 to spread awareness. 

This optimism coupled with your creative spirit also translates to some pretty out-of-the-box ways to help small and local businesses. Maybe you’ll start a relief fund or offer freelance work in exchange for donations. Once you start on something, your relentless attitude always makes sure you get the task done. 

While working on all this, you’ll likely also spend some time on personal projects. It’s quite rare for ENFPs to come across this much free time, and relaxing isn’t really for you. You might learn to play the piano, pick up beatboxing, or hone your existing creative skills. At the end of this quarantine period, you may end up with an array of new skill sets you never knew you had. 


ENFJ (The Protagonist)
“Are you okay? How are you doing?”

Selfless, brave, persevering, ENFJs possess the qualities of fairytale storybook heroes. As this personality type in quarantine, you will find yourself doing as much as you can to help others. This can be in the form of donations, fundraiser organization, messages of support, or working on the frontlines yourself. Your social media feed will likely also be full of key facts and figures, fundraising opportunities, and tips to keep safe amidst the pandemic. 

As an ENFJ, you are fiercely protective of the ones you love. It’s second nature for you to check in with an “Are you okay? How are you doing?” This might also be the time for you to reconnect with old friends. As one of the most compassionate personality types, you understand how lonely or anxious others might feel during this period. ENFJs will never hesitate to keep others company to make them feel safe. 

The only downside to being this personality type is that you need as much affection as you give. Long periods of time away from the ones you love take a pretty huge toll on you. While Skype, Zoom, Facebook, or Houseparty are helpful, calls and online chats aren’t the same as meeting people face-to-face. 


THE SENTINELS | The 16 MBTI Personalities in COVID-19 Quarantine | Sentinels: Executive ESTJ, Consul ESFJ, Logistician ISTJ, Defender ISFJ

Sentinels: Executive, Consul, Logistician, Defender. (Graphics from Graphicmaker)


ESTJ (The Executive)
“Let me just research this first.”

ESTJs prepare for everything. Even before the lockdown started, they’ve already stocked up on groceries for the next couple of weeks. This personality type is smart, vigilant, and incredibly practical. They know what they have to do to keep themselves and the ones they love safe. 

As an ESTJ, you think carefully before making any decision. You research for alternatives, you list out the pros and cons, and you seek out reviews or advice from friends. Even things like buying medical masks or picking the right toilet paper can take you a while to decide. 

It’s also important to you to be prepared for anything. All worst case scenarios have been mapped out in your head. Unemployment? Check. Getting infected? Check. Infected family member? Check. You’re an incredible strategizer with good foresight. 

When it comes to people who don’t follow proper precautions, you have no trouble helping them or calling them out. While you care about self-protection, you also see the value in keeping others safe and healthy.


ESFJ (The Consul)
“Hey, guys, welcome to my channel!”

The shift to remote work wasn’t easy. As an ESFJ, you’re used to compartmentalizing your life and setting clear boundaries between work and leisure. Now that everything’s meshing together, you’re either overworking or underworking — there’s no in between. 

In your spare time, you might find yourself tempted to make Tiktok or Youtube videos. ESFJs are known for their natural charm, making them the ideal personality type for vloggers and internet stars. Couple this with your caring disposition and you’ll probably make content geared towards helping others cope with this quarantine, or donation and volunteer opportunities. 

You might also find comfort in reorganizing your room. The unpredictability of this pandemic makes it so easy for you to spiral into an anxious mess. As an ESFJ, you’re most at ease when you feel like you’re in control of something.


ISTJ (The Logistician)
“I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for this.”

What bothers you the most about everything going on is the dangerous level of misinformation spreading faster than the virus itself. It baffles you how people can believe hard-boiled eggs or hot water baths can build immunity. As an ISTJ, your life is ruled by facts and logic. 

You’ll likely spend a lot of time educating people on the nature of the pandemic and correcting a lot of misconceptions. Anything you share online, whether they be infographics or articles, have been fact-checked thoroughly to ensure accuracy. 

ISTJs are among the personality types most prone to overworking. They’ve seen what this pandemic has done to others, and they don’t want their company or their employment to meet the same fate. Their stubborn dedication to efficiency and productivity can lead them to spend hours just  huddled up in front of their laptop. While it’s important to stay focused during this time, it’s equally important to get some rest. This quarantine might be a good opportunity for ISTJs to finally learn some work-life balance.


ISFJ (The Defender)
“Let me know what I can do to help.”

You love taking care of people. You’re at your happiest when you know that the ones you love are safe and well. During this quarantine period, you’re likely doing everything you can to make sure everyone at home is in a good state of mind. This can include cooking for them, cleaning up, planning activities and shows to binge, and giving words of reassurance and optimism. 

As an ISFJ, you also have trouble staying idle when there are terrible things happening in the world. Your altruistic nature motivates you to want to donate, fundraise or volunteer directly to help local health and medical support teams. 

ISFJ personality types are naturally selfless, but, sometimes, this can mean they tend to neglect themselves. ISFJs need to learn to allocate time for self-care. There’s no shame or guilt in unplugging for a while and doing things you enjoy. For everything you do for everyone else, you deserve it. 


THE EXPLORERS | The 16 MBTI Personalities in COVID-19 Quarantine | Exploreers: Adventurer ISFP, Entertainer ESFP, Virtuoso ISTP, Entrepreneur ESTP

Explorers: Adventurer, Entertainer, Virtuoso, Entrepreneur. (Graphics from Graphicmaker)


ISFP (The Adventurer)
“I hope they’re okay.”

You have a naturally adventurous spirit, but you don’t mind this quarantine too much. As an introvert, you enjoy your time alone and you certainly don’t need constant communication to feel close to the ones you love. 

During this period, you still spend a lot of time checking in on people. You ask how they’re doing and if they’re okay. It’s characteristic of ISFPs to care deeply about their loved ones. The most stressful thing for this personality type is not knowing if their friends and family are safe during difficult times. 

ISFPs can be equally compassionate towards strangers experiencing injustice or oppression. Seeing people be cruel to one another can put you on the edge. Given this, you might also find yourself donating or volunteering as much as you can to people in need. 

To keep your worries and thoughts at bay, you channel everything into creating — drawing, painting, writing poetry, cooking, making music, etc. For you, art is a good way to understand and explain your complex emotions.


ESFP (The Entertainer)
“Ugh, how many days has it been?”

ESFPs are known to be spontaneous and energetic. As this personality type, you love to explore the world and jump from one thing to the next. Thus, this quarantine is something of a nightmare to you. While you understand how it keeps you safe, you’re going crazy following the same routine day-to-day. 

For you, movement and excitement are necessary to feel alive. You’ll likely find refuge in Tiktok, memes, and alcohol as they remind you of your life before this quarantine. You’ll also spend a lot of time on video calls with friends talking about random things or just keeping each other company as you go about your days.

Your boredom might tempt you to make some crazy decisions. You might get bangs or dye your hair. If you do decide either of these, you can at least take comfort in the fact that you have time to grow your hair back.


ISTP (The Virtuoso)
“What should I do next?”

ISTPs love to tinker and create. As this personality type, you’ll spend most of your time recreating DIY videos or special recipes. You might learn to bake, pick up a craft, start on a new video game, or redecorate your room. For you, the thrill comes from the process of figuring something out and seeing the finished product. 

Unlike other personality types, you love the freedom that comes with remote work. You prefer creating your own schedule and choosing your own workspace. When everything’s decided for you, you tend to feel restrained. In fact, many ISTPs are already freelancers to begin with. 

For you, the only downside of this quarantine is that you’re not allowed to leave the house. It frustrates you to know that you can’t take walks whenever you want or visit your favorite restaurant any time. Although, it doesn’t bother you too much. You have enough projects lined up to keep you busy for months. 


ESTP (The Entrepreneur)
“How much would you pay for this?”

With all this newfound free time, you can finally start your own side hustle. You might try making your own hand sanitizers or selling baked goods to neighbors. As an ESTP, you’ve got incredible business sense — always on the nose about what the market needs. 

Being an extrovert, long periods of time in one place bothers you. It’s in your nature to keep active and  keep moving. It’ll definitely frustrate you not to be able to visit your favorite cafe or hangout with friends. However, your resourcefulness leads you to find opportunities in everything. You might invent new games to play with roommates at home or look for creative ways to bond with friends online.

Your positive energy is contagious making it easy for others to instantly feel comfortable around you. ESTPs are also the most flirtatious personality types. You might be tempted to try dating apps (if you haven’t already) to feel some excitement amidst these boring times. 



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