12 Tutorials You Need To Watch To Master Typography And Font Design

Typography is a very essential part of design. It is more than just a composition of letters, it is a composition of powerful elements for an effective design. In earlier years of design, typography was done manually through handwriting or carving. Today, advanced programs are being used to create new fonts as well as modify the existing ones.

Learning typography is fun and exciting – especially when you are a fan of typeset or just fond of letters and their compositions. With the help of online videos such as YouTube, professionals and beginners are both given the chance to learn basic and new techniques about typography. The following are a list of videos about typography and font designs. By the end of these videos, hopefully you will be able to master font-designing.

1. An Introduction to Typography

In this video, David Dabner, a professor from London College of Printing discusses typography and the inolved processes in the creation of fonts. Omair Barkatulla made this video so that beginners can learn the transition of letterface from the era of war wherein different styles of typography are used for propaganda. This video also discusses the traditional processes of printing press , the basic principles of letter designs and how to be creative when using letterpress. It also enlightens students about the disadvantage of using computers and how they make typography designs look sloppy.

2. The Basic Lesson about Typography

This video discusses the brief description of typography. It was created by the Vancouver Film School. The objective of the video is to explain typography as plain and simple. Here, you will see gorgeous letterings, colors and palettes that will surely inspire the designer in you. It further discusses the differences between most commonly mistaken fonts such as serif and sans serif. It also explains the elements of creating typography and other elements associated with it.

3. Typography 101

This video will help you analyze different forms of letters through images and classic musical score. This video provides students, pros and typography beginners with the necessary lessons they need to know about types of fonts.

4. Lesson for Beginners in Typography

Dawn Jacobs, a designer herself created this video to provide a brief, comprehensive intro about the basic description and purpose of why typography was made. She breaks down the essential parts/anatomy of letters and provides practical and real-life samples for students and beginners to understand the principles that govern the art of letters. She is known for her knowledge in font designs, making this video an effective one, especially when it comes to mood setting of letters. At the end of this video, you will be able to master the basic principles of typography, and hopefully, be able to design your own fonts in the near future.

5. Introducing Students to Typography

This is another educational film inspired by the font styles from the 1950s. You won’t believe that this video was made by a college student, as it looks very professional with its layout, style, and of course, content. This video is funny and lighthearted. You are guaranteed to not feel bored despite the fact that it is introductory video.
In this video, the student-creator and host introduces the audience to typography; where to find typography and how it is used in our daily activities.

6. The Beginning of Typography

In this video, Karen Kavett, a popular video blogger and concept designer takes the audience around the city to introduce them to different types of typography. Here, she dissects and explains the anatomy of letters, their forms, uses and how they came about. This is a fun video to learn about typography as you get the opportunity to take a tour around the city. By the end of this video, every beginner in typography will hopefully be inspired to create more new fonts, and be able to use them in future designs and concepts. Several audiences also recommend others, especially designers to watch this video.

7. Dissecting Typography

This is an interesting, stylized, information-filled video created with great musical scoring. This video will basically take you to a happy place to learn about typography. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most recommended and favored typography videos by numerous audiences. It manages to explain the basic concept of typography in a very short period of time. Plus, you will surely be entertained. By the end of this funny and enjoyable video, you will be able to grasp the anatomy and components of different fonts. With this basic information, you will be able to distinguish which are the right fonts to incorporate in your design.

8. Tracking Back Typography History

If you are interested to learn about how fonts and lettering are made as well as how they looked like before, you will surely like this video. This short but informative video is about fonts, how they came about and how they previously looked like. For some people, this video may not be very educational, but if you want to look back at decades of font designs, you will be able to conceptualize what the future of fonts would look like. With this knowledge, you will be able to design your own fonts, and possibly design one of the most recognized fonts in the future of designs.
This video will also provide you with knowledge of what previous tools are used to design fonts, up to the current tools used today.

9. Starting at the Basic

If you are into graphic design, this video is very beneficial for you as it serves as an introduction for graphic design training. This video breaks down the basic information you need to know about fonts, styles, typography in general and how it impacts graphic design. The host in this video has been in the graphic design field for quite some time so he holds a lot of authority when it comes to this field.

10. Fonts and Typography

If you are a big fan of fonts and is need of inspiration to design your own craft, this video is designed for you. This video is composed of several slideshows containing numerous typography and font styles. All these fonts are unique and you can’t find them in any other videos. The video also contains numerous examples explaining the concept of typography. Furthermore, it has real-life and practical samples that will inspire you when designing.

11. After Effects Tutorial – Basic Typography & Motion Graphics

This video is about incorporating special effects into plain typesets to give them extra dimension, making them more effective. You will be amazed at how special effects can change the concept of plain letters and numbers in this video.

12. Kinetic Typography Tutorial

From the word ‘kinetic’ which means motion, you can gather that this video is about incorporating basic motion into typography to create a compelling design. This may look advanced to beginners as it uses the software, Adobe After Effects but it can be of great help to you if you wish to pursue typeset-designing in the future.


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