How to Better Prompt Using AI Writer for Copywriting 

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently the backbone of most industries, and arguably a reliable tool for productivity and quality of output, AI is nevertheless a computer software that mimics human cognition in order to perform complex tasks and learns from them. In order to get results as close to perfection as possible, it goes without saying that prompting technique is important. The science behind prompting relies on the format and structure of the request. Given that tools like AI Writer are widely used for copywriting purposes, there is a certain technique to getting the results you desire. Continue reading to find out how to prompt on AI Writer like a pro! 

How to Prompt: A Step-by-step Guide

Here’s the general structure, in order of writing:

  • [content/subject, description of action, state, and mood], 
  • [context, style/tone, and references], 
  • [additional settings, such as keywords, categories to include, and framing]

As you add more elements to your prompt, be sure to separate them with commas. This will help the AI model interpret your prompt, and it will make it easier for you to remember what you’ve asked for. Keep in mind that the longer the prompt, the more action the AI will need to work with. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you are looking for something more concise, keep your prompts direct and easily comprehensible. 

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Article Prompting Examples 

Here is a prompt example: “Write me an article about marketing trends from 2020-2023 in no less than 500 words. The article should be in a humanized tone, casual and relatable to the audience.” Based on the above prompt, the technique used follows the recommended structure [content/subject, description of action, state, and mood]. 

Here are some other prompt examples to generate articles, ranging from marketing, education to any topic that comes to mind: 

1. Input: Write an article about tips and strategies on how brands can utilize influencer marketing. Focus on the future of marketing, and correlate the article to changes in consumer behavior especially as seen on social media platforms. Tone of article: Professional

Output: “Navigating the Future Landscape of Influencer Marketing: How Brands Can Adapt and Thrive”
Explore the evolving world of influencer marketing and the strategies brands must adopt to remain relevant. Analyze the impact of technology, changing consumer behaviors, and the introduction of new social media platforms on influencer collaborations.

2. Input: Write an article about color psychology in marketing and how it affects consumers’ buying decisions. Provide insight and how-to’s for groups of colors that work best for different business categories (fast food: yellow/red, technology: blue, etc). Tone of article: Informative/Insightful

Output: “The Psychology Behind Consumer Color Choices and Marketing Success”
Analyze the importance of color in marketing strategies. Discuss how color psychology can influence brand perception and customer decision-making. Provide insights into how businesses can tailor their use of color to improve marketing outcomes.

3. Input: Write an article about the relationship between Art and Technology in the modern age. Focus on the impact and benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) in the near future. Key things to mention: Artificial Intelligence/AI, Generate, Seamlessness, Quick/Easy. Tone of article: Educational

Output: “The Intersection of Art and Technology: A New Era for Creative Expression”
Examine the dynamic relationship between art and technology. Highlight the ways in which technological advances are expanding the horizons of artistic creation, from AI-generated art to virtual reality exhibitions, and reflect on the ramifications for the future of the art world.

If you find that the output lacks a certain detail you’d like to include or even if you’d like to exclude any information, experiment and re-prompt! Remove or add any details. Already know what you want? Great! Utilize our readily available templates with set prompts. 

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