Logomaker – FAQ

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1. What is Logomaker? 

Logomaker allows users to generate A.I. powered, personalized logos and branding kits.


Tool Usage 

1. How do I make a logo with Designs.ai’s Logomaker?

Our Logomaker works by analyzing the information you have entered such as the name, industry and color preferences.




This tool takes your preferences on styles and colors to create a brand identity.



You can customize the logo easily with our easy-to-use editor. Once done, click “Finish” to purchase the logo.



2. How can I download a logo?

It is free to generate as many logos as you like. Logomaker automatically saves your favorite logos to your account.

Go to your selected logos and click the logo you would like to buy.


Then, you have the choice of editing the logo or clicking the “Finish” button to purchase the logo.

Click the “Buy” button located at the bottom of the logo.


You may select your package as Basic or Premium. After your purchase has been confirmed, you can download your logo right away from our site.



Just be sure to stick around after your payment goes through. Once it has been completed, then click “Download”.


4. What is the difference between Basic and Premium packages?


One logo file to use for inspiration


Multiple files to use across channels

    • One File
    • SVG, PNG
    • Downloads one sample
    • Multiple high-resolution files
    • SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF
    • 5 Different variations
    • Includes full Branding Kit
    • Full ownership
    • Unlimited changes
    • Social Media Kit
    • Free Narration
    • Downloads one sample


5. What is in the Logomaker branding kit?

  • You could get started by choosing a logo from the logo templates that we have.
  • Once you are in Logomaker, you can customize the basic elements of your visual identity: logo, color, typography, pattern and photography.
  • With these elements, Logomaker generates a beautiful branding kit for your business.
  • Logomaker lets you create your brand for free. Pick your font, adjust your colors, add an icon… be creative all you want.
  • Once you are done, you can share your professional branding kit to your client.

6. Once purchased, how do I receive my logo package?

  • Once you have bought your logo package, our Logomaker will create the different file formats of your logo.
  • After your purchase has been processed, you will be able to download your logo right away from our site on the post-purchase page.
  • Just be sure to stick around after your payment goes through. Next, click “Download” logo.



1. Do I own the full copyright of my purchased logo?

  • You are free to use your purchased logo for any commercial or non-commercial use and have full ownership of it.
  • The copyright, however, applies to your logo as a whole and not the individual elements.
  • We acquire our icons and fonts from a database. Therefore, we are currently unable to guarantee the copyright of the individual elements, nor do we remove them from our database after purchasing.
  • For additional information, please read our article on trademarking and our terms of service.

2. Can I trademark my logo generated by the Logomaker?

  • Unfortunately, Designs.ai are not authorized to give legal advice about your logo design.
  • For further information, please read our terms of service. While we would love to help, applying for a trademark is a legal process.
  • However, we do not have an objection if you want to work with an attorney familiar with the laws in your state or country.

3. Can I add TM, SM, © Or ® to my logo?

  • TM, ©, or SM can be used on non-registered trademarks.
  • However, the ® symbol is only applicable for officially registered trademarks from your country or state’s governing body.

4. Can others use my logo once they purchased it?

  • Designs.ai’s Logomaker currently creates over a million different logo options for every input.
  • Because you have made your own logo design, it will be personalized for you and your brand. Hence, the chances of someone creating an identical logo is low.
  • It is important to know that no individual, agency, or designer can guarantee that no one will come up with a similar combination.
  • There is always a chance that another designer will create a similar logo. However, this rarely happens and is an issue that is not unique to Design.ai’s Logomaker. Instead, this applies to any designer or agency you would use.