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Logomaker – FAQ

Resources / Product 1. What is Logomaker?  Logomaker allows users to generate A.I. powered, personalized logos and branding kits.   Tool Usage  1. How do I make a logo with’s Logomaker? Our Logomaker works by analyzing the information you have entered such as the name, industry and color preferences.   This tool takes your

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Mockupmaker – FAQ

Resources / Product 1. What is Mockupmaker? Mockupmaker is an all-in-one platform that helps you upload an image to the available templates to create a mockup – in minutes.   Tool Usage 1. How to create a mockup? To create a mockup, select the category of mockups you want to use from the side menu bar.

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Videomaker – FAQ

Resources / Product  1. What is Videomaker? Videomaker is an easy-to-use software that transforms your script into a seamlessly edited video. It utilizes a library of millions of clips, audios, and animations to help you create compelling stories. 2. Why should I use Videomaker? • Easy-to-use A.I. text-to-video tool. • Include animations, filters and transitions •

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About us 1. What is is a creative platform that empowers everyone to create professional designs quickly and easily. Give our Logomaker, Videomaker, Mockupmaker, Font Hunt, Color Pairer and Social Media Generator a try right now. 2. What do I get for’s unlimited subscription package? You will get unlimited access to all types

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