How Infographics Can Benefit Businesses As A Visual Communication Tool

Businesses today are not what they used to be. In today’s social media era, businesses have modernized to better suit their target employees as well as consumers. Infographics are the solution for today’s visually-centred society.

Infographics are a visually compelling communication medium for all types of information, data, knowledge and ideas. It takes dry, dull and complex information, collects it, and organizes it into a visually appealing format. It can be in the form of a chart or a map. All we have to remember is that society responds to visual impact and infographics provide that impact.

If you are not yet convinced, here are some important reasons why your business can really benefit from infographics:

  • Infographics are attractive and eye-catching

This is attractive and eye-catching

A bad example

This is dull and unreadable

Visuals and graphics trump printed words, facts, figures and statistics. It makes information noticeable and more compelling for its consumer. Based on “The Top 7 Benefits Of Using Infographics In Online Training” by eLearning Industry, with visuals, infographics can provide a step-by-step task guide that is easily memorable. For example, with each step, there is a picture. People are less likely to remember task-based guidelines.

  • Infographics are simple and easy to understand

This is simple and easy to understand


This is cluttered and confusing

Huffington Post’s Jonathan Long mentions that with minimal text in infographics, there is lesser risk of it being boring and dull and a higher chance of strong impact. Infographics organize information in such a way that it is informative, interesting and easy to understand. Its goal is to simplify complex concepts and ideas until it is digestible, especially in the case there are multiple sub topics. The message will then be more focused. For employees that are in a rush for time or lack time to read and process big information, an infographic aids them to quickly absorb the important information.

  • Infographics are shareable

This is interesting and shareable as coffee is universal

Social media and websites play a big part in businesses nowadays. It is crucial that information we want to spread is easily shareable. According to Jeff Bulas, infographics have viral capabilities because it is perfect for sharing across social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Besides that, infographics can also be shared on relevant websites or blogs through an embedded link. Social sharing in this way also benefits a business because it drives traffic to its website with a link bait or a social media widget.

  • Infographics increases knowledge retention

This increases knowledge about influential people like Malala
-Credits: Alissa Scheller for the Huffington Post

Many people are known to have short attention spans. Employees who are always on-the-go and have a lot on their plate do not usually pay attention to long and wordy information. eLearning Industry states that infographics increase knowledge retention in this way because it enhances knowledge retention and recall. It gives a quick and simple overview of a topic and with the right tone and visuals, it creates an expert understanding of a subject.

  • Infographics reinforces brand awareness
Coca-cola has a strong brand awareness Credits to Nelly Soegianto

Coca-cola has a strong brand awareness
-Credits: Nelly Soegianto

Infographics are a way for businesses to get their company’s message across to its target market. If a third-party social media platform shares your infographic, it increases your brand image as well as raises your company’s credibility. Albert Costill of Search Engine Journal informs that a consistent design that is visually appealing across the board is very effective as it is a powerful means of creating greater brand awareness.

  • Infographics are fun, engaging and entertaining

This is a fun and cute infographic as it features the lovable Corgi dog
-Credits: A-A-Fresca

An article written by Irfan Ahmad of Social Media Today claims that today’s society are visual creatures. Infographics generate a unique connection with visitors to your website. An even better option is to have an interactive and colorful infographic. In this way, you can attract your target market through consumer interaction and hard-hitting, high impact visual data.


Infographics are graphic visual representations of all the need-to-know information. In order to engage targeted readers, infographics are needed to present information, data and knowledge in a visual manner. Besides translating important information, infographics can also be used to illustrate important trends, raise awareness for charitable causes and overall be a powerful tool in an online platform. Infographics make broad and complicated ideas more distilled and engaging. So what are you waiting for? Create your infographic today!

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