13 useful tools for freelancers

Tools for Freelancers

Being a freelancer is a challenging but rewarding experience. Having the chance to manage your own time, money and way of working is an opportunity that not everybody gets. That is why you should take advantage of it till its fullest. However, we know that managing all these things at the same time can be overwhelming.

There’s a bunch of tools out there that can help you get the results you want, and guarantee to make your freelancing life easier 🙂

Time management

1.Focus Booster

Manage your time wisely. This app is for people who get distracted easily. Focus Booster uses the Pomodoro Technique to keep you focused on your tasks for 25 minutes and lets you take a short break before going back to your tasks. As a person who gets distracted by anything and everything, I totally recommend using this technique. It is very effective, and the best part of Focus Booster is that it gives you a report of productivity at the end that you can use to analyze where your time went.

Tools for freelancers

2. Cushion

As an active freelancer, you might sometimes lose track of the available time you have to work on specific projects. Cushion lets you plan your year of activities and also informs you when you’re overbooked or if your projects are overlapping. Plus, it also lets you manage your finances and set monthly goals for your income.

Tools for freelancers

3. Rescue Time

This app gives you an accurate report on how much time you are spending on each activity using your working time. It gives you a report of time spent on certain websites and applications. You can even set alarms to let you know when you’ve spent too long on one website and it allows you to block all those websites that can be distractive for you. It is perfect for you to learn about your user behavior and what’s taking up more of your time so you can re-organize your time better. 

4. Toggl

This app is awesome, especially if you’re working in teams. It lets you track the time of each one of the members, know the activities they’re doing using their time, and see if the work done with that time can be billable. This helps you and your team be more productive and efficient. Knowing how to use your time wisely can lead to an increment in income , just take a look at Toggl.

Tools for freelancers



5. Remember the milk

Love to-do lists? You will definitely love Remember the Milk! Say goodbye to sticky notes or writing reminders on your hand; this app will help you manage your tasks in to-do lists and send you reminders through several channels: e-mail, twitter, SMS, IM, and their dedicated mobile apps. Sometimes our memory fails, but Remember the Milk is always there to save the day.

Tools for designers

6. Oh don’t forget

Keep it simple. With this app, you can set reminders for yourself, colleagues, team mates or clients via SMS by just sending it to one person or to a group of people. If there’s something you need to remind them everyday, every week or every month, you can just schedule it to be repetitive whenever you need it. Handy, right?

7. Now Do This

Another simple way to get your tasks done. Now Do This allows you to make a really simple to-do list in order of priority. Once you hit “Ready”, it shows you the name of the task and when you’re done and click “done”, the next task appears, and so it goes. No fancy features, no reminders, but very effective if your work is mostly done using the computer.


Finance & Legal

8. Invoice.to

A very simple tool to create invoices for your clients. Invoice.to is an online tool where the only thing you have to do is fill in blank spaces. Although it’s still on probation mode, it is still very handy and you can always give feedback to the creators for continuos improvement.

9. Bonsai

It’s an easy way to create and send contracts to your customers after you have adapted it to the type of project you are handling. It will ask you some questions regarding the work you’re doing and then proceed to generate the appropriate contract. Not only that, you can also make invoices. Bonsai helps you manage all your legal and financial documents using a very simple way.

Tools for freelancers10. Mint

If you’re really bad at managing money and you need a tool that will help you keep track of your money and make a budget for your daily expenses, then Mint is what you need. This app keeps track of everything – even your credit scores. It even helps you create budgets according to your expenses. And the best part, it’s free! So, give it a try.

Tools for freelancers

11. Invoiced

An easy way to online invoices. Invoiced lets you send invoices to your clients and allow them to pay by credit card, Bitcoin or Paypal. This way, it helps you keep track of your payments and calculates how long it takes in average to get paid. It is another great tool to keep track of your money while being a freelancer.

Tools for freelancers



12. Atomic

An amazing tool for designers. Atomic lets you make a prototype of your design and share it with your client or embed it wherever you want. You can import your file from Photoshop or your favorite design tool, or you can start designing from scratch inside the application. It lets you animate, create interactions and make all kinds of complicated prototypes.

Tools for freelancers

13. Azendoo

Azendoo helps you keep track of your own taskas as well as your team’s tasks. It lets you filter them, get a calendar overview to keep track of the deadlines, set repeating tasks and add checklists. You can also send and receive messages from your teammates and be updated through notifications. If you want to be on top of things, Azendoo is definitely for you.

Now that you’re fully equipped, maybe you should start on your freelance career. It might be just what you’re looking for 😉



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