15 Color scheme tools that will make your life easier


How much time do you spend choosing the color scheme of your designs? Sometimes, it can take up a lot of time and it might result in confusion and be overwhelming for you to make a final decision. At the end of the day, you might end up creating something really cool but the colors that you chose might compromise your design and make it look bad.  

Thankfully, there are a lot of color scheming tools online that can make your life way easier and you will even be able to avoid a huge headache. Don’t worry if you’re not that advanced in color scheming, most of these suggested tools are very easy to use and understand for everyone.

1. Adobe Colour CC


Previously known as Adobe Kuler, Adoble Colour CC is an online, desktop and mobile application where you can create color schemes, share or export it to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. It is simple to use as it allows you to get a color scheme from a picture using 5 colors that you can adjust in an interactive wheel.

2. ColoRotate


Similar functionalities to Adobe Color CC, ColoRotate gives you the possibility to create color schemes of more than 5 colors with its unique 3D color wheel. It is also another tool that lets you export the color schemes you create to design softwares.

3. ColourLovers


Share your passion for colors! ColourLovers is a community of color lovers (duh!) where various creatives from around the world create colors, palettes, patterns and discuss the latest color trends. It’s a great place to expand your creativity and learn from experts in color and design.

4. Pictaculous


Pictaculous is simple to use and gives you the same results as other color scheme tools such as Color CC. It also lets you upload a picture and then they give you the color scheme right away with an option to download an Adobe Swatch file.

5. TinEye


This is the best option if you’re looking for images of a specific color. TinEye Labs extracts colors from over 20 million Creative Commons images from Flickr so you can search images by color. It’s extremely easy to use and it combines colors. It also has the right resources for image downloads.

6. ColorZilla


Created to go hand-in-hand with Firefox and now Google Chrome, ColorZilla has several tools that can help you find colors, palettes and save/share them with who you want while browsing the web. It’s definitely worth taking a look at, especially if you work with web design.

7. Check my colours


Another useful tool for web designers; Check My Colours checks your website’s foreground and background colors and lets you know if the colors on your website has enough contrast when seen by someone with color deficit. The tests of the website elements are based on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). All you have to do is paste the dedicated link to your website and you will get a full report.

8. The color app


Another very simple to use tool; The Color App is an iOS tool that shows you a grid of colors where you can get color samples in the form of RGB, Hex and HSLA values. You can also create palettes and see how colors can work with each other.

9. Color by HailPixel


Color by HailPixel is the most simple tool to use. With its simple UI, you just need to move your mouse around to detect a color and scroll up and down to change the density of the saturation. If you rest your cursor in the middle of the screen, Color by HailPixel will give you the hex code of the color you have chosen so you can use it in your designs. If you want to keep it simple, this is the tool for you.

10. MyPantone


Get access to Pantone Color Libraries wherever you go with this great app. It helps you build color palettes and share them with your clients or teammates. It’s perfect for graphic, web and fashion designers.

Picture from: inmyinterior.com

11. Color Grab


Another handy app for those who love to get inspiration from the outside world is Color Grab. Color Grab lets you pick, capture and recognize colors by just pointing your camera at an outside object or scenery. From there, you can save and share them. It is simple and useful, what else could you ask for?

12. Color Schemer Studio 2


Color Schemer Studio 2 is an application for Mac that helps you create great color schemes fast and easy. It helps you identify and create color harmonies from the web and for printing, create palettes from pictures, combine colors and explore thousands of color schemes.

13. Paletton


Previously known as Color Scheme Designer, you can use this tool online. It can help you generate color combinations and palettes for your artworks. It is based in the classical artistic color wheel and applies classical color theory.

14. Colors Palette Generator by CSSdrive


Colors Palette Generator by CSSdrive is as easy as uploading an image or pasting an image url into this tool in order to get the color palette you were looking for. You can also create your own palette selecting the colors you want and then proceed to create a .css sheet or a Photoshop swatch.

15. Color Blender


Another simple but useful tool that can be imported to Photoshop and Illustrator is Color Blender. It allows you to choose one color and then it will generate a palette of six colors that goes well with the color that you chose.

So now you have no excuses! You have all these tools at your fingertips that can absolutely help you find the right colors for your design. Don’t be afraid to experiment and choose the color scheme tools that best suits you 😉