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Our community of Designpreneurs is growing little by little every day. Thousands of creative minds from all over the world work hard to bring you the best design templates, logos, bundles, vectors and more. As a special appreciation to them, we wanted to acknowledge that would not be here today without them.

So now, we want to take a moment to appreciate all of them, and feature these 5 very successful Designpreneurs in their design journey thus far:



If a business presentation is what you need, goodpello is be your best option. These guys are all about high quality presentation templates; it’s actually how their name came to be –  “Good Fellow for Presentation – Good Pello”. Check out their over 100 presentation templates for all kinds of business presentations! You can also contact them directly on their website for presentation consulting.

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If you are a regular font-downloader on our site, then you probably already know alterdecoinc. This Designpreneur works all the way from Indonesia to bring you some really amazing fonts. His style is pretty easy to spot, so whenever you are working on an art deco design, you know whose fonts to look for.

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Creating a good logo for your new company is always a pain. Finding someone who can understand your needs and put your ideas into perfect graphics is a difficult task to conquer. However, we have a solution for you. LogoLabs has over 400 logo designs to choose from for all sorts of business ideas! The best part is that this Designpreneur is always available for consultations.


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microdesigns-5702f3ab4818fWant to give a sci-fi touch to your designs? Then you should check out MicroDesigns! This Designpreneur nails the sci-fi design and has some pretty cool logos, presentation templates and CD templates for sale. So, either you buy one of his already made beautiful assets or decide to request for a personalized service, MicroDesigns will not let you down as he adds his magic touch to all his projects.

MicroDesigns’ products



alitdesign-55f793e7e65d6Another one of our font-designing rock stars is alit_design who is also from Indonesia. He has one of the best selections of fonts in his portfolio. His work has a lot of variety from having Sans Serif fonts to Decorative fonts. Alit promises to add a special touch to your designs and if you know how to combine his fonts correctly, you will receive a pleasant surprise with amazing result. Start experimenting now with his beautiful set of fonts.

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I know, I know, being a Designpreneur and getting your work featured sounds great, and I’m pretty sure you’re asking yourself why you haven’t done it yet. Well, it’s never too late.

On, you can design and sell your own designs as your very own Designpreneur! (Designer + Entrepreneur). You will be guaranteed a 70-75% commission for every sale you make on our website. So what are you waiting for?

Watch our video below and learn exactly how you can become a Designpreneur at

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