This Week’s Featured Designpreneurs

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It’s that time again where we show some love for our Designpreneurs. They have been hard at work to produce quality products and services for the community, so let us appreciate their works together. Who knows? Maybe you’d consider converting into a contributor yourself. Here are this week’s chosen Featured Designpreneurs:



Sisilia, also known as sisiliafio is a design enthusiast and a food lover. She takes pride in her work and works hard as a freelancer. Her colorful designs are popular among our customers and she even offers personalized designs under her services. Her products and services include business cards, web banners, brochures, flyers and so many more. Check out her offered services now. You won’t be disappointed.

sisiliafio’s services

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sisiliafio’s products

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derryld is a graphic designer with a passion for illustrations. He bases his designs off interesting shapes to create designs that will capture his audience’s attention. His designs aim to please as he really prioritizes his customers’ needs and wants. Some of his most popular designs include resumes templates, logos, business card templates and stationery design. His style of design is more colorful than most but it always works even in a business setting.

derryld’s services 

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derryld’s products

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TGIF, also known as Thank God I’m a Fontmaker Studio is an independent Typefoundry from Indonesia. They work to provide the best hand crafted and quality typeface that perfectly completes your design. They are always eager to help beautify designs of all kinds. Being the approachable group that they are, they are ever ready to help a non-designer in need. Check out some of their premium fonts now!

TGIF’s products

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Fontdation Studio is a Typefoundry that focuses on creating high quality fonts. They believe that a great typeface is the foundation of a great design. With that said, you know they are passionate about their font creations. All they hope for is that their clients to fully enjoy their handcrafted work. Their infamous “Quish” font was a bestseller on for a long time. They also have some featured free fonts in the FREEBIES section. So what are you waiting for, check out their diverse portfolio of fonts now!

Fontdation’s products
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inumocca is a professional designer that specializes in fonts. The fonts that are currently available are of good quality. If you like vintage, rustic-like fonts to spice up your designs, this is the Designpreneur for you. The color-scheme and design style is very focused and niche, perfect for its targeted customers. So, if you like the colours brown, orange, yellow and gold, this is the font designer for you.

inumocca’s products

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