Mockup Maker – FAQ

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1. What is Mockupmaker?

Mockup Maker is an all-in-one platform that helps you create a mockup in minutes.’s Mockup Maker allows designers to test on native devices instantly.designs-ai84Customer Support 

1. How to make a Mockup?

To start creating a mockup, select the category of mockups you want to see using the side menu bar.

Then filter the mockups using the left-hand sidebar. Select the mockup you want to use.


Click on “Upload Image” and select which image you want to use.

Reposition and resize your image if you need to.


Lastly, click on the “download” button to purchase and download your mockup.

2. How to download a Mockup?

To download a mockup, click on the download button next to the design you want to use.


3. How to purchase my Mockup creation?

Once you have a finished mockup, click on download next to the mockup preview.

Next, click on the purchase button to buy and download your finished mockup.


4. How to bookmark a template?

To save a mockup or template for later:

1) First, log into your account or create a new account if you do not have one yet.

2) Go to the page that has the mockup or template you want to save.

3) Click on the heart icon bottom of the mockup or template to save it.

4) Additionally, if you want to see all your saved mockups and templates, you can click on the heart icon.


Image Mockups Tutorials 

Customer Support 

1. How to resize and reposition image?

To adjust the images that you have uploaded to’s mockup maker, click on the upload image button. You will then see a window with your image.

Click and drag the image to reposition it and use the slider below the image to make the photo bigger or smaller.



2. How to make a mockup from a URL?

To make a mockup from a URL, go to the mockup you want to use.

Next, click on the screenshot from URL. Type in the URL of the website you want to use in the mockup and click enter.